Marcy Wheeler says succinctly one of the things I’ve been yammering about since last November but apparently not connecting either with Democrats or the Democratic establishment:

That’s all the more true given the investment Democrats have made in the Russian narrative. If Russia tampering with our vote is so important, then why is Republicans doing the same, much more aggressively and effectively, not worth the same effort?

Marcy Wheeler, emptywheel: Democrats need a plan for voter protection

It is the fact that so many people are so complacent about Republicans stealing votes and so worked up about whatever it is the Russians actually did do, if our benighted intelligence agencies ever deign to tell us peons, that is the important reality of 2016.  That it is getting worse even as Chuck Schumer drones on and Nancy Pelosi plans for 2018 is beyond worrying.

Kris Kobach seeks to have state secretaries of state and boards of elections provide him with a database of personal information on every registered voter in the US, including the last four digits of their Social Security number.  Welcome to Stasiland.  I’m surprised he didn’t ask that state vital records cross-link to each voter’s mother’s maiden name.

Now I’m going to pull an Arthur Gilroy on ya: Wake the fuck up!!!

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