I don’t know how Sean Spicer lives with himself. I don’t know how he gets out of bed in the morning and gets dressed for work. I mean, how would you feel reading stuff like this about you in the national press?

With Trump feeling as though he’s under siege from all sides, even the people he perceives to be fucking things up are earning points for fucking them up in an attempt to help him. “He looks at Spicer and he sees, like, the coroner from the Wizard of Oz. Remember when the fucking witch got hit in the head with the house?” the senior administration official said. “So, he feels bad for the guy and he knows the guy’s trying really hard. He has a soft spot for the guy. His friends call him up and tell him he’s a loser, and he’s like, ‘Oh, I feel bad for the guy.’”

In the abstract, working in the White House for the president sounds great. But he’s destroyed his reputation and his credibility and they only thing he’s clinging to is that his boss feels too bad for him to hold him accountable for being bad at his job.

His coworkers compare him to the Wicked Witch of the West and call him a loser.

Even the press feels bad for him:

The least likely people you’d expect to feel bad for embattled White House press secretary Sean Spicer are those who are most often subject to his temper.

So it came as a surprise to some on Wednesday when Spicer received an outpouring of sympathy from the press. The reason: As President Trump met with Pope Francis at the Vatican, the Catholic Spicer was noticeably absent from the entourage.

This seems like the kind of situation he should get himself out of as soon as possible. He’s already lost his job briefing the press and the briefings aren’t reliably televised anymore, anyway. There’s no prospect that things are going to improve for Spicer and based on his previous life I have to think that he knows better than to serve the man in the Oval Office.

It would be a mercy if Trump fired him, but apparently Trump only likes to fire people in fake versions of reality.

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