I’ve been chugging along for nine months since Donald Trump was elected, trying to make some kind of contribution to the preservation of my country. I feel like, somehow, I’ve managed to do some of my best writing in this period despite the fact that the task no longer carries any joy. It’s been a slog and I’ve been uncharacteristically irritable and short-tempered most of the time. The president has now gone on vacation and Congress is in recess, so I’m bugging out for the wilderness for ten days. Maybe it will recharge my batteries and I’ll find the old love of combat that carried me along for the first decade of this blog. Maybe I’ll realize it’s time to move on and sell insurance or real estate. I really have no idea, which is part of the point of getting the hell away from this pathetic Shit Show for a while. I’m worn down to a nub.

I need some rest and some time to think about things. I’ve made a lot of sacrifices to do what I do, and I’ve got to figure out if it’s still worth it. I’m going to leave up this page for a while, and if you’d like to see me keep up this line of work, maybe you’ll consider making a donation. You can use the PayPal link or you can just send a letter to P.O. Box 2278, Malvern, PA 19355.

When I get back I’ll definitely take into consideration the level of support I have and what kind of support I think I might be able to rely on in the future. For now, I’m going to get as far away from the news cycle as I can get. The level of toxins I’ve taken in by living in this 24/7 cesspool for so long has finally gotten to me, and I’ve got to purge it somehow.

So, I apologize for my coming absence and I ask you to behave yourselves while I’m gone. As always, try not shoot anyone in the face.

Aloha, and thanks for all the fish.

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