Lest anyone think the establishment is about anything other than holding onto power.

This is the group that will write the delegate rules for the 2020 Convetion.  It is the most important Committee by far.

And we have:
Harold Ickes – This name should should raise the hair on the back of any Obama supporter in ’08.  Ickes, if you will remember, was behind the rule to keep MI and FLA delegates from being seated if they held their primaries too early. Later, when it became clear Clinton needed these votes, he reversed himself and accused Obama of playing dirty pool.

He lied and created dissent throughout ’08 on this point.


Kathy Sullivan.  If you are active in NH you probably unfortunately know her.  She spent 2016 blasting Sanders on Twitter.  

She is on the Rules Committee.

Donna Brazile – she leaked debate questions to Clinton.  CNN fired her.

She is on the Rules Committee.

Don Fowler
Was responsible in 1984 for increasing the number of superdelegates.

The single most destructive argument that emerged from 2016 was the widespread belief among Sanders supporters that the process was rigged.  This belief gained support from the Wikileaks.

As I have said here before, while I believe the DNC tilted to Clinton, I do not believe they were decisive.  We lost fair and square in the end.

If you were trying to seed discontent among Sanders people you would put the people they have  put on the Rules Committee.  They have made sure the Sanders people are not in the room.

Make no mistake: this will go off like a gunshot among the Sanders activists.

It isn’t a mistake: the goal here is to make sure they hold onto power in the Party.

But oh boy are they underestimating what they are doing to the chance for any sort of united front.

The truth is I think they believe and want war with the liberals.

They will get it.

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