Stop Listening to Seth Abramson’s Hack Trump-Russia Theories   By Jacob Weindling

Seth Abramson is a writer, poet, attorney, editor and assistant professor of English at the University of New Hampshire, but he is most well-known for his unhinged Twitter account. To begin understanding the fraudulent narrative that he spreads across the web like a virus, we’ll start with a little anecdote …

From an earlier comment @BoomanWhoIs Seth Abramson

The Kremlin’s Man: How Donald Trump’s Own Words Connect him to Russia By Jacob Weindling

There is no original reporting and there will be no “smoking gun” here. As history has shown us, unless a Nixonian-type tape comes out, there likely will not be a “smoking gun” on this issue. Undeniable proof is a difficult thing to ascertain.

This series will not take on the certainty of a mass conspiracy that many Democratic operatives are currently engaging in–who have been writing their own John Grisham novels in order to avoid the unassailable fact that it was theirs and their candidate’s failure which handed the 2016 election to the most unqualified president in our nation’s history. Roughly 100,000 votes in a few states determined this election–enough for Russian meddling to swing it–but the fact that it was that close in the first place had nothing to do with the Kremlin and everything to do with the fact that Hillary Clinton promised more of the same neoliberal policies which have laid waste to middle classes across the Western world, all without providing much of a comprehensive solution for the millions of Americans currently stuck underneath the boot of crony capitalism.

We’ve sourced the British dodgy dossier or Steele Papers and the novelty writing by Louise Mensch from Fox News own Rupert Murdoch.

The Resistance is fine, but phony research or pure propagation of lies is beyond good reporting.

Why Bogus News Stories Are So Hard to Stop | The Atlantic |

On the other hand, that argument is not incorrect! As my colleague McKay Coppins outlined last week, there’s a growing group of outlets and journalis–well, media personalities catering to progressives. This constellation offers everything from improbable stories (Palmer Report) to bizarre conspiracy theories (Seth Abramson) to outlets that aspire to be “the Breitbart of the left” (Shareblue). The lesson that they all seem to have taken from the 2016 election is that fake news works.

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