Hi all. After this past weekend’s attack on the website, one of the casualties has been the ability to post YouTube videos. Hopefully that will be temporary, but in the meantime, we’re going fishing.

When I begin this diary series, I was wanting to do a couple things. One was to provide something of a safe place to converse for those who were tired of going at it in the more overtly political diaries and front page stories (much in the spirit of the old Cafe/Lounge that more or less went defunct nearly three years ago). The other was to provide a sort of musical experience – sometimes themed, sometimes not – that in its own way offered a message that in most respects was consistent with the mission of BT.

This diary series took on a life of its own. Just check the archives at some point. I think at times it kept some folks engaged here who might have otherwise drifted off. And if this series truly did end, Neon Vincent last week truly knocked it out of the park. If at some point circumstances change, we’ll gladly revive this series. If not, thanks for letting us serve you some tunes and some beverages.

Don Durito, signing off.

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