[Update-1] My analysis on Prof. Mifsud and the bar talk with Trump goon Papadopoulos …

Mifsud Offering Alu Tubes to Papadopoulos?

How lucky for the Mueller investigation, the target guy sits next to a Five Eyes spy master … the former Australian FM of Iraq War fame!

    “George Papadopoulos spoke to high commissioner Alexander Downer at London bar in May 2016, catalyzing FBI investigation, The New York Times reports.”

From the link in article in The Guardian:

Alexander Downer: from fishnet stockings to foreign envoy | The Guardian – April 2, 2014 |

During Downer’s tenure as foreign minister, Australia implemented a hardline crackdown on the arrival of asylum seekers by boat, and strongly backed the US after the 2001 terrorist attacks. Howard, who was in Washington at the time of the attacks, affirmed Australia’s solidarity with the US. Australia joined the war in Afghanistan and later the invasion of Iraq.

In the days before the US-led intervention in Iraq in March 2003, Downer left little room for doubt about the existence of weapons of mass destruction. He told parliament he refused to be remembered as a foreign minister who turning his back on “such evil”.

“The question today is less whether Saddam is guilty of trying to hide his weapons of mass destruction – we know he is. Or why this matters to Australia – we know it does. The real question today is what we – the international community – are going to do about it,” Downer said.

Despite the ultimate inability to find the claimed weapons of mass destruction, Downer continued to defend the invasion on the grounds it had removed “the world’s most brutal dictator” and led to a “big improvement on pre-2003 Iraq”.

More below the fold …

Australia and the Threat of Global Terrorism – A Test of Resolve The Hon. Alexander Downer, MP - April 13, 2004

On the morning of September 12th 2001, after sitting up most of the night transfixed by the horror unfolding in New York and Washington, a colleague of mine was confronted by his sleepy-eyed young son. The boy had overheard conversations and television snippets in the dead of night and wanted to know whether something terrible had happened or whether he had just had a “bad dream.” Now, two and a half years on, the numbness and incredulity of that September are gone. Over following months we witnessed the gruelling task of the World Trade Centre rubble and its human contents being collected and removed and taken away like so much of our comfort and security.

We in Australia have since endured the shock, brutality and grief of Bali. We have seen the carnage in Istanbul, in Riyadh and in Madrid. We have seen military action in Afghanistan. We have seen the liberation of Iraq and continue to see terrorist attacks against international forces determined to bring stability. I think as a people we have realised that this is no “bad dream.” We realise that this is not a string of unrelated, tragic events.

But I think many Australians are still uncertain and understandably worried about these events. This is not surprising – the campaign waged by the terrorists is unlike any we have had to face before. And it is designed to foster fear, division and self-doubt.

How can we fight a war against a tactic? Who is our enemy? Why do they attack us? How do we know whether we are winning or losing? The sad truth is that 9/11 did change the world we live in. We are engaged in a war to protect the very civilisation we have worked so hard to create – a civilisation founded on democracy, personal liberty, the rule of law, religious freedom and tolerance.

Iraq War and Humanitarian Dimensions: How secret report was leaked to the press in 2003

A POLICE REPORT shows a secret document critical of the Iraq war was passed around the office of then-Foreign Minister Alexander Downer before being used in 2003 to publicly attack its author.

It was discussed by two advisers to the minister before being sent to Mr Downer. For the first time those advisers are named publicly.

Two days after their discussion the secret document’s contents were used by a journalist to attack the author, Andrew Wilkie, now an independent MP but formerly a war critic in an intelligence agency.

But the Australian Federal Police police report has a critical gap between the document’s official journey and its arrival soon after in the hands of the journalist.

The new detail is the latest episode in the 13-year history of one of the nation’s biggest intelligence breaches.

It relates to a secret document prepared by Mr Wilkie, who had been an intelligence analyst who quit the Office of National Assessment in protest over Australia joining the Iraq invasion.

I would imagine from this new insight, the Steele dossier doesn’t play a role of importance as it was said to be the basis for the original FBI push for a FISA warrant. How convenient of the NY Times to come forward with this story from reputable unnamed sources??

Is The New York Times trying to recover from their reluctance to publish the Steele dossier story last fall due to lack of credibility? Great stuff by Seth Abramson … see my diary of a month ago – A Friend Called Seth Abramson.

Investigating Donald Trump, F.B.I. Sees No Clear Link to Russia By ERIC LICHTBLAU and STEVEN LEE MYERS  | OCT. 31, 2016 |
FBI granted FISA warrant to monitor fmr. Trump adviser Carter Page | The Atlantic – April 2017 |

Just published a new article in The Guardian about Alexander Downer … fits well in the land of Tony Blair et all!

Alexander Downer: the gaffe-prone conservative and unlikely anti-Trump hero  

He is the current champion of anti-Trump supporters and American liberals, but Alexander Downer’s elevation to international hero may prove more than amusing for many Australians.

A former foreign affairs minister in the conservative Howard government, Downer, known privately for his sense of humour, became best known for agreeing to pose for a photo wearing a pair of fishnet stockings and high heels for a charity promotion in 1996.

A staunch supporter of the Iraq war, Downer pushed for Australia’s involvement, delivering a speech to parliament in February 2003 that called for Australia to act.

“I cannot in conscience ignore the record of Saddam Hussein, [a] ruthless tyrant who tries still – in the face of concerted international pressure – to retain and develop the most evil of weapons,” he said. “As the foreign minister of our great country, I will not be remembered for turning my back on such evil and allowing the spectre of Saddam to haunt future generations.”

Three years later, Downer was forced to give evidence at an inquiry investigating who knew what about AWB’s involvement in the Iraq “oil for food” scandal. He denied any knowledge of AWB’s activities.

Downer remains the shortest-serving Liberal leader in the party’s history, holding the leadership for less than a year between May 1994 and January 1995, after a series of gaffes torpedoed his chances to become prime minister.

The most serious of which came when he joked that the Liberals’ new domestic violence policy should be called “the things that batter”, a poorly chosen riff on the party’s then slogan, “the things that matter”.

His tenure at Australia House expires in March, when George Brandis, the former Australian attorney general, will take up residence.

    BIG SECRET: “Trump aide told Australian diplomat Russia had dirt on Clinton”

But Downer’s boozy night out at the Kensington Wine Rooms with one of Donald Trump’s campaign advisers has ensured his place in one of the most intriguing chapters of US political history.

Exactly my thought! Downer pulling out his hair …Trump, now his hero president. Well, Putin was a bigger enemy at the time, Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic States you know.

Where was Sir Andrew Wood, the spymaster of Moscow fame under Yeltsin and employed by Christopher Steele. Boozing in another London Bar in Kensington?

[Update-1] Short memory @seabe?

Steele Dossier Looks More Credible Than Ever by BooMan on Oct 26th, 2017

As recently as Oct. 26th – Will Mueller Drop a Bomb Before Thanksgiving?

    But it’s her opinion that the reason we’re seeing the Republicans ramp up their attacks on the FBI and the Steele Dossier is because they know something is coming down soon and it’s not going to be good.

    But something has changed this week, and it could be nothing more than the timing of the disclosure that the Clinton campaign indirectly funded the investigation that led to the Steele Dossier. But it could also signal that the Trump administration knows that something is coming down on them soon and that they need to change over from cooperating and legitimizing the investigation to undermining the independence of its conclusions.

British Intelligence Delivers Another ‘Dodgy Dossier’ by Oui @BooMan on Jan. 12, 2017

Stop bullshitting fellow bloggers with shallow posts please.

NATO and Soros Crossed Russia’s Red Line in Europe

Same as analysis on the credibility of Louise Mensch here @BooMan!

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