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Envoy Hoekstra Acts Just Like His Boss Trump

Participated in the public debate when mayor Wim Deetman (Labor Party) tried to convince us elderly the new U.S. Embassy should be build in a park called Clingendael. A stone’s throw from where I lived, the local people would have none of it and launched a loud protest against the mayor. Speaker after speaker voiced their opposition with well placed arguments to the historical neighborhood. The criticism really got under the mayors’ skin and he quickly got very pissed, threatened to shut down the debate bij leaving the public meeting. That had the opposite effect on us elders of course!

During the German occupation 1940-1945, The Hague as most large cities, had suffered greatly from fascist administration. Seyss-Inquart took possession of the large villa in Park Clingendael. In many places, the German SS tortured their political prisoners and many were executed in the dunes of Waalsdorpervlakte where every year a remembrance ceremony is held and televised in moments of silence.

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The U.S. Embassy had to move away from The Hague city center due to security risk for the public. Also the Embassy acts as a magnet for large protests, similar to the U.S. consulate located in Amsterdam near the Rijksmuseum (Museum Square).

The new location of the U.S. Embassy is in a beautiful open area with sport fields, a horse racing track, plenty of parks and near where King Alexander and his beautiful Argentinian spouse Maxima will live – het Haagse Bos. Most of the embassy building is an underground bunker … in the area around Clingendael there are still bunkers from the German occupation, part of the fortified Atlantic Wall. As a child I watched the many bunkers located in a stretch of coast blown up by dynamite. Crossing the dunes to reach the beach of the North Sea, envied by German tourists even before Hitler, there were many no-go areas … minefields. For a child that does leave an impression. So it goes …

Just got the news America’s new president Donald C. Trump won’t be coming for the opening ceremony of his embassy, not here in The Netherlands, nor in London. It seems the White House got through its intelligence community multiple signals the president will not be received as the Big Liberator of Europe … perhaps there would be some protest, certainly not the crowds a narcissistic president would demand. So it goes …

Amid protest fears, Trump will not visit London to open new US embassy

Leaving us deplorables to live in the multiple no-go areas of Birmingham and The Hague where the Sharia dominates and people of global ethnicities are trying to make a living as new immigrants. The Republicans of the Trump administration will have none of it. Please make them terrorists go away. So it goes …

The Trumps lived the American Dream, thanks to the Yukon gold rush, so it goes … the rest are just Dreamers!

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The move Ambassador Clifford Sobel wanted to Park Clingendael, led to a people’s revolt (June 2005)

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Europe’s Frontier: A Rusted Iron Curtain

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