BloombergTrump Passes Cognitive Screen…

Once again Democrats/liberals saw another perfect pass for a win or strike out pitch.  Couldn’t fathom that it would end up as interception and touchdown or grand slam homer.  One that Trump will now endlessly crow about, a perfect score.

A perfect score that wouldn’t exist if armchair Democratic shrinks hadn’t gone on their flight of fancy and kept their mouths shut.  Can’t even say that they weren’t forewarned.  As usual, the messenger was trashed.  (Yeah, I’m pissed.)

The anecdotal reports on Trump and impressions of some from viewing Trump on TV are suggestive but weak to very weak.  For example, from the NYTimes interview Charles Pierce essentially declared that Trump was fully in the grip of a form of senile dementia.  But he completely overlooked that Trump had displayed the acquisition of new names and words (government operations) over the past year and was fluid in using them.  OTOH, the NYTimes only released a limited and edited transcript.  So, is the Times covering up for Trump or misleading readers like Pierce?

In the early stages of dementia, only a trained clinician (free of bias and prejudices) and in a one-on-one session(s) with a patient can make a valid assessment.  Difficult to imagine that Trump would voluntarily subject himself to a cognitive wellness exam.  And unless or until he exhibits more florid indications of dementia, Pence isn’t going initiate or join (a requirement) an invocation of Section 4 (25th Amendment).  For good reason — imagine a temporarily removed Trump returning with a valid assessment report of no evidence of dementia.

How many here that were totally convinced that Trump is in an easily detectable stage of dementia warranting his removal from office will be a big enough person to admit that she/he was wrong?  

More importantly when will they get outside their groupthink tank and see that they are facilitating Trump’s wins?  Almost as if they are the real Russia-Putin operatives.      


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