A couple weeks ago, while I was working on something, Austin City Limits had Ryan Adams on. Struck me as a decent singer-songwriter and so I took a much needed break and enjoyed. In the process, I realized I recognized him from somewhere. Then it dawned on me that at one time he was the frontman for an alternative country (or as we would say nowadays, Americana) band called Whiskeytown. Here is a live video of the band performing what should have been their big hit, 16 Days (a song that really should have been their big hit), which was in heavy rotation for a while back around early 1997 on our local college radio station. Enjoy!

For those of you wondering how I and Neon Vincent are circumventing Sucuri to embed videos, here is an example of the embed code we use, so that you can replicate as wanted:

Just remember that each unique 11-digit video code in YouTube needs to be pasted in two separate locations within the embed code in order for your video to show up properly. So easy that I can do it!

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