Czech sourced station Radio Mashaal aired pro-America propaganda … or fake news!

Pakistan shuts down Radio Mashaal following ISI report | Dawn |

The Interior Ministry on Friday ordered to close down operations of Radio Mashaal [cached], a Pashto language broadcaster linked to the US-funded Radio Free Europe, on recommendations of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

A notification issued by the ministry, directed towards Islamabad chief commissioner and police chief, said that as per an ISI report, the radio airs programmes “found against the interests of Pakistan and in line with hostile intelligence agency’s agenda”.

It said that the four main themes of the programmes aired by the service include “portraying Pakistan as a hub of terrorism and safe haven for militant groups, propagating Pakistan as a failed state in terms of providing security to its minorities and Pakhtuns, presenting the Pakhtuns of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) and Balochistan as being disenchanted with the state, and distorting facts to incite people against state and its institutions”.

The ministry, thus, decided to close down the radio’s regional office located in Islamabad and terminate its activities.

The Czech-based Radio Free Europe first began its services in Fata in 2010 by the name of Radio Mashaal with an aim of providing “an alternative to the growing number of extremist radio stations in the region”.

Radio Free Europe was also among nine outlets Russia accused of being “foreign agents” last month.

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Debunking Disinformation: A Training Program for Czech Journalism Students | TOL |

My diary from 2012 when President Obama prevented a Israeli rogue attack on Iran …

Timeline of Curious Events US-Israel and Tactical Stand-off

Just today I watched this hilarious report of Fake News presented in a serious setting of the European Parliament … a poor attempt to enforce censorship. LOL

Fierce criticism of EU paid investigators for fake news | NRC Newspaper |

The EU has its own fact-check service. This EU vs Disinfo recently mentioned two Dutch-language publications – from the right-wing GeenStijl websites and TPO – to fake news. To the anger of both sites. Should an EU service check the press?

“We are on our way to a media-censoring EU”, writes Bas Paternotte on his right-wing news and opinion site TPO. “This is a downright frightening development.”

Paternotte has just found out that a TPO article is included in the list of fake news messages that an organization that works under the EU flag has drawn up. In the November 2015 article TPO journalist Chris Aalberts wrote about Ukraine: “Impartial media do not exist in the country, oligarchs have enormous power, a resistance army that killed 100,000 Polish Jews in the Second World War is still worshiped.”

Not true, the organization concludes on the website EU vs. Disinfo, with summary explanation: “This article seems to be aimed at deteriorating the image of Ukraine prior to the Ukrainian referendum.”

[Mission statement: EU vs Disinformation campaign ]

The Netherlands one of five lands blocking Ukraine EU membership
Overview of countermeasures by the EU28 to the Kremlin’s subversion operations | Kremlin Watch Report |

[Note: the EU task force came to its conclusion about Dutch “misinformation” in five media reports. Four of the five were source by an NGO named – Promote Ukraine]

Seems to me the EU Task Force has just promoted … FAKE NEWS!

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