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The problem posed by migration is that the benefits are not evenly distributed. They flow to the migrants themselves and the corporations that hire them. …

That’s true.  But let’s not look at those corporations exploiting cheap labor through immigration policies that they wrote to benefit themselves.  Instead expand it for “ordinary people” to benefit.  Just like the early settlers did and called it what it was: indentured servitude.

That only sort of worked because the rules limited the period of servitude and payment at the end of the contract.  IOW — that labor wasn’t as cheap as the sponsors desired.  So, they went the next step and created an abomination.  A legacy that continues to negatively impact this country more than a hundred and fifty years after it was abolished.  

And two bozos seriously propose to put this country more firmly back on that slippery slope.  What we should do is get off it entirely.  

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