Recent post @BooMan: “The whole deep state thing is a hoot.”

Victorious over Nazis in WWII … the Cold War required a Deep State … Dulles bros – J. Edgar Hoover – J.J. Angleton – Richard Helms – OSI – Mind Control experiments MKULTRA – Operation Gladio – CIA – Covert action – beyond control of U.S. Congress and quite often unknown to the person sitting in the Oval Office – any and all false flag events. Amazing synchronicity between intelligence agencies across Western nations and beyond – indeed beyond the Five Eyes  

How many citations are needed? The CIA assassinations of presidents in the 1950s – 1960s – 1970s – Church Committee – …

In Cold War, U.S. Spy Agencies Used 1,000 Nazis

Value of whistleblowers!

Breaking: Italian fascist spy network possibly linked to US intelligence   by paper tigress @dKos on July 1, 2005
‘Operation Gladio’ reveals ‘Gladio’, the secret state-sponsored terror network operating in Europe | BBC documentary – 1992 |

“Deception is a state of mind
  and the mind of the State”

James Jesus Angleton,
Head of CIA Counter Intelligence 1954-1974

Quite a number of terror events during the last decades in Europe were perpetrated by “soldiers” of Gladio.


To Don:

I have been a community member since early 2005 and have been encouraged in my writings throughout. Many bloggers in this community have left for whatever reasons. The useful idiots trolling every comment I made in a front page story block any sensible debate. I am not AG, so I will remain in what I do best and cover international issues connected to the United States, Europe and the Middle East. Bush & Co created chaos according to the neocon AIPAC playbook. The events since have been predicted including the turn to the right and populism. In many nations, it’s home grown, so also in the US.

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PS: In the meantime I will divide my time between BooMan and EuroTrib.

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Update-2: Kelly Taking Control of Intelligence Briefings

A Brief Guide to Every Five-Alarm Fire Currently Engulfing The White House | NY Mag |

Jared Kushner repeatedly failed to disclose all of his foreign contacts to the FBI; is (ostensibly) a person of interest in an ongoing counterintelligence investigation; and was desperately seeking a $400 million investment from an entity tied to the Chinese government weeks before he moved into the White House. And yet, for nearly a year, the presidential son-in-law was allowed to view top secret information without a security clearance – despite his ongoing inability to pass an FBI background check.

But no more. In the wake of his botched attempt to cover for a serial domestic abuser, John Kelly has sought to reimpose discipline on the West Wing. His first order of business: Downgrading the security clearances of the scores of White House officials who’d been accessing top-level state secrets without the FBI’s endorsement. Kushner didn’t see why this new rule had to be applied to princeling like himself. Kelly didn’t see why not – after all, the chief of staff was already (reportedly) interested in finding a way to keep Kushner from stepping all over Rex Tillerson’s toes.

Now, Jared, Ivanka and Don Jr. are all (reportedly) “furious with Kelly and his allies” – and they’ve apparently enlisted the not-so-dearly departed Anthony Scaramucci in their fight.

Meanwhile, the president is (reportedly) furious with all of the above.

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