Worse than Benghazi ever was, four American Special Forces walked into an ambush and their Commander In Chief made a cowardly statement. Where is is the OUTCRY?? Democrats why are you hiding? Trump as commander of the US Forces had already failed earlier in Yemen. These events just pass by? Tongo Tongo Ambush – Wikipedia

Myeshia Johnson: Soldier’s widow says Trump made me cry | BBC News |

President Trump’s call of condolence made headlines last week when Democratic congresswoman Frederica Wilson – who had heard it along with the family – accused him of insensitivity.

Myeshia Johnson appeared to confirm Ms Wilson’s assertion that Mr Trump had told her her husband had known what he had signed up for when joining the military.

“The president said that he knew what he signed up for, but it hurts anyways… It made me cry because I was very angry at the tone of his voice and how he said it,” she said.


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Where are the headlines of the MSM … months later:

Footage of ISIS ambushing U.S. Special Forces in Niger | SOFREP |

The following footage is from the helmet camera of a Special Forces soldier caught in the infamous ambush in Niger that occurred on October 4th of last year. The footage illustrates some hard facts and dispels many myths about the ambush that had not previously been brought to light. The attack happened extremely fast, as most ambushes do, and created a chaotic scenario for the men caught in it.

The video is very hard to watch but serves to educate anyone who does not fully grasp the reality of war, violence and combat. The men were outnumbered and once fire superiority was lost due to the nature and execution of the ambush, the situation quickly began to deteriorate. The team was caught out in the open with only their (unarmored) vehicles and what looks to be a B6 Land Cruiser (armored) to use as cover and the militants were dispersed throughout a tree line in greater numbers. With no way to regain the initiative, the men attempted to egress and were eventually killed. They killed 21 enemy militants before it was all over.

Draw your own conclusions about the situation but hold reverence for the fallen in your soul and hatred for the enemy in your heart. The original audio was removed because it features a typical Islamic State extremist propaganda soundtrack paired with added false screams. SOFREP doesn’t support that shit, obviously. We honor these men by watching their last stand, not by turning away; they were true warriors to the end.

AFRICOM is investigating ISIS claims that it has video of the 4 US soldiers killed in Niger | Military Times – Jan. 24, 2018 |

US special forces ‘fought Niger ambush alone after local troops fled’ | The Guardian – Nov. 4, 2017 |

he US special forces detachment ambushed in the Niger last month fought alone for hours after the local Nigerien forces they were accompanying fled in the first minutes of the engagement, retired and serving special forces officers with knowledge of events have said.

The trapped soldiers also made repeated efforts to convince French warplanes sent from neighbouring Mali to engage the enemy, attempting to “talk in” the pilots who refused to attack due to poor weather, rough terrain and an inability to differentiate friend from foe, the officers said.

Four US soldiers and five Nigerien troops died in the incident, which has been the focus of an intense debate in Washington over the executive branch’s extensive powers to use military force abroad without congressional approval and with little oversight.

The Niger incident has been described as an “intelligence failure” by the Republican senator John McCain, who blamed it on budget cuts.

Video: French special forces lead fight against Sahel militants | France 24 |
U.S. deaths in Niger highlight Africa military mission creep | Reuters |

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