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‘Lone DNC Hacker’ Revealed as Russian Intelligence Officer

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From my diary on January 14, 2017 …

Fusion GPS linked to UAE Sheikh and Rubio Donor

The Rogue US/UK Intelligence Community

An axe to grind with Vladimir Putin, both Simpson and Steele felt they were doing important work, now in late stage not getting paid by a client. Why not hand reports in a dossier over to a known anti-Putin extremist like John McCain, a friend of Russia’s Boris Yeltsin when the state’s assets were stolen by the happy few oligarchs, pushing the Russian people beyond poverty. The US Intelligence Community did the rest to get the “vetted” summary published by the friendly media.

How a Sensational, Unverified Dossier Became a Crisis for Donald Trump | NY Times |    An excerpt

    After Donald Trump emerged as the presumptive nominee in the spring, the Republican interest in financing the effort ended. But Democratic supporters of Hillary Clinton were very interested, and Fusion GPS kept doing the same deep dives, but on behalf of new clients.

    In June, the tenor of the effort suddenly changed. The Washington Post reported that the Democratic National Committee had been hacked, apparently by Russian government agents, and a mysterious figure calling himself “Guccifer 2.0”  began to publish the stolen documents online.

    Cybersecurity specialists have pointed to an array of forensic and technical evidence suggesting that Guccifer 2.0 might not be a Romanian as claimed. That evidence included metadata hidden in the early documents indicating that they were edited on a computer with Russian language settings. American intelligence officials believe that Guccifer 2.0 is a front for the G.R.U., Russia’s military intelligence service, according to federal officials briefed on the investigation.

    In blog posts, Twitter messages, and electronic chats with journalists, Guccifer 2.0 has insisted such skeptics are wrong.

    Glenn Simpson hired Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer with whom he had worked before. Steele, in his early 50s, had served undercover in Moscow in the early 1990s and later was the top expert on Russia at the London headquarters of Britain’s spy service, MI6. When he stepped down in 2009, he started his own commercial intelligence firm, Orbis Business Intelligence.

    The former journalist and the former spy, according to people who know them, had similarly dark views of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, a former K.G.B. officer, and the varied tactics he and his intelligence operatives used to smear, blackmail or bribe their targets.

[Some links added to the NYT article are mine – Oui]

From my diary on January 25, 2018 …

Dutch Hackers Infiltrated Kremlin’s Cozy Bear in 2014

Dutch hackers infiltrated Cozy Bear HQ in an university building near Kremlin’s Red Square. Once inside the Cozy Bear computer network the Dutch managed to  take control of the security camera at the entrance to the computer room. A photo of each person entering the secure location was gathered. All the intelligence was shared real time with the NSA as the Dutch civil (AIVD) and military intelligence (MIVD) are part of the AngloSaxon nine-eyes spy network.

The Russians succeeded to infiltrate inside the White House and compromise e-mail and communications traffic.

In July 2015 Cozy Bear infiltrated DNC computer systems.

Dutch cyber warfare hackers provided crucial evidence about Russian interference during election 2016 | Dutch De Volkskrant |

A warning word by Colman over 12 years ago:

Neocons sighted on the Thames

Opening of my recent diary – Khodorkovsky – The Interpreter – Henry Jackson Society (UK) .

Theresa May, feeling the heavy load of a Brexit decision gone wrong, is on a path of confrontation with Putin’s Russia at the behest of the AngloSaxon Military Intelligence Complex (ASMIC).

From Booman’s archive, I published a third diary where Guccifer2.0 is mentioned …

Peter Smith Tapped Alt-Right to Access Dark Net

For the real culprits that mock US Democracy, look no further than the California technies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc., etc. … See also the support California software corporations and social media gave the authoritarian regimes in the Middle East and thereafter the rebels/jihadists during the “Arab Uprising.” How about the success of regime change in America? Practise makes perfect.

Election of Trump: Cambridge, Aleksandr Kogan, Facebook

Thank goodness it’s just cyber warfare and no real bullets flying around … yet! Signing on neocon idiot John Bolton, a good friend of John McCain and by extension the Democrats.

Trump’s War Cabinet Complete

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