After all the propaganda to make Syria a Western owned state, making Iran and Russia the villains … the United States with its close ally Great Britain are preparing for another global military confrontation. The European lambs to slaughter … meeting as a United Europe.

Don’t tell me Donald Trump himself is the architect to name John Bolton to head the NSC. How the president is encapsulated by a deep state neocon of the worst kind. Don’t these guys die out?

John Bolton: foreign policy radical who backs war with Iran and North Korea | The Guardian |

Donald Trump has hired an unwavering and radical advocate of war against both North Korea and Iran to oversee his administration’s national security policy.

John Bolton has made a career of deriding diplomacy as a sign of weakness, and has disparaged both the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, and even the current administration’s use of sanctions as means of pressuring the North Korean regime to give up its nuclear arsenal.

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Instead, the soon-to-be national security adviser has repeatedly argued, nuclear disarmament in both cases is best achieved through regime change delivered by US military might.

“A close look shows he’s genuinely one of the most extreme, irresponsible, and dangerous voices in the country,” said Adam Mount, a senior fellow and nuclear weapons policy expert at the Federation of American Scientists.


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A great human being …

Noam Chomsky on the Populist Groundswell, U.S. Elections, the Future of Humanity, and More

The renowned linguist, cognitive scientist, and historian on where we stand as an economy, as a country, and as human beings

    We recently interviewed Noam Chomsky, Institute Professor Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Laureate Professor in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Arizona. He shared his thoughts with the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) on foreign policy, dissent in the internet age, public education, corporate predation, who’s really messing with American elections, climate change, and more.

Lynn Parramore: You’ve been looking at politics and international relations for quite a long time. Over the decades, what are the continuities in these areas that stand out in your view?

Noam Chomsky: Well the continuities are the message of the Athenians to Melos: “the powerful do what they wish and the weak suffer what they must” [from Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War]. It’s often disguised in humanitarian terms. The modalities and the context change. The situations change but the message stays the same.


Treasure under the Arabian Sands

Exploration by Aramco under Saudi sands made the region “our” asset worth defending. Saudi Kingdom the protector of two Sunni shrines, holy places of Medina and Mecca. Remember the first Gulf War and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan … sided with Saddam Hoessein, as did Yasser Arafat the Palestinian “leader.”

A big mistake was made earlier by Jimmy Carter and war hawk Zbigniew Brzezinski to deal with Saudi Arabia, Pakistan’s ISI to fight a proxy war against the Soviet Army in Afghanistan. It destroyed both Afghanistan and Pakistan till today.

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Now with the hypocrite King Salman visiting the UK and US, willing to shake hands by signing big military contracts, war is guaranteed for decades to come.

How many Democrats have joined hand with the worst brain dead Republican of them all? Too many, even today.

The world is quite fortunate no one is expecting and waiting for America to lead anywhere … stop your interventions please!


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Novichok: Cui Bono?

“.. the evidence they’ve seen  is strong  enough ..”

There is NO evidence for all these countries to see. Guilt by association as the most linkely argument used by British diplomats. US/UK need solidarity of the NATO countries plus Ukraine to avenge Russia’s intervention in Syria.

Assad should have been overthrown according to the same coalition of nations. The deal was that the GCC states under leadership of KSA plus the Muslim Brotherhood states of Turkey/Qatar would take control of Syria. This would have provided a wig between the Shia axis from Lebanon thru Iraq to Iran. The West failed because the US emboldened the Sunni insurgents of Anbar province aka ISIL as a proxy to defeat the Assad regime. Soon it became clear the inhumane acts of the foreign jihadists in Syria were far worse that the sitting Assad regime. As history reported, after some 500,000 persons killed Putin took the lead and by political means got Turkey’s Erdogan loosened from the NATO alliance for support in the end.

In addition after the purge of the democratically elected Yanukovych in February 2014, Russia was left no choice but to retake Crimea where its fleet is located on the Black Sea. On the Mediterranean Sea the Russians needed the key port in Tarsus so it came through to protect its ally Syria.

The US under Trump will get rid of the nuclear treaty with Iran in May and escalate further to a military confrontation. The Pentagon and the IC are building alliances in the Middle East for support: Israel – KSA – GCC nations except Qatar. Saudi Arabia is strongarming Pakistan to join this military alliance. Could be that the US will enforce an oil export embargo on Iran by closing down the Persian Gulf entry … excuse me, the Arabian Gulf of course.  

The Demonisation of Russia and Its Citizens

Russian stereotypes hurt ordinary people – and play into Putin’s hands | The Guardian Opinion |

And when relations become so tinged with resentment and conspiracy theories, anything that falls outside the political sphere becomes problematic. Maybe this narrative even causes us to lose our humanity a little. The poisoning of a spy is headline news, as are this week’s expulsions of diplomats by the US and EU. Yet a tragic fire in a shopping centre in Siberia, with more than 60 people dead, won’t make the front page.

Meanwhile the kind of nuance-free Russophobia represented by the response to the Skripal case plays directly into Putin’s hands. The exiled oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky recently said that no one in Russia had ever heard of Sergei Skripal, “apart from a narrow circle of people involved in special services”.

All the Russian electorate took away from the events of this month was: “The UK has threatened Russia.” It’s all as a Soviet-trained brain would want it – citizen against citizen, hunting for traitors in a phony war. It’s the sort of messaging that led to the closure of the British Council in Moscow last week, and is now shutting down cultural exchanges between Russia and the rest of the world. Similarly, in response to the Cambridge Analytica storm, the academic at the centre of the data harvesting, Aleksandr Kogan, laughed at suggestions that the fact he worked with St Petersburg University made him a suspicious character: “Anyone who knows me knows I’m a very happy-go-lucky goofy guy, the last one to have any real links to espionage.” But again, this is just what Putin wants us to think – that all Russian institutions are all-powerful and interconnected and ready to pounce with novichok in a heartbeat.


Hopeless, hapless … loss of all humanity. The seat of power, not representing We the People.

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