I didn’t save the first comment, but I did the second. It’s on Oui’s thread Breaking: UK Experts Baffled, Cannot Prove Source Novichok

After Marduk…predictably, of course…wrote some horseshit about who had recommended Oui’s post (Ludovici) I asked why he was “LOL”-ing about that? I was busy and didn’t save it…as I have been saving most of my comments to guard against this sort of digital McCarthyism.

It was shitcanned.

Then I wrote the following. And I did save it.

You don’t even have the courage to respond, do you? Was it you who zeroed out my response? Some of your little neocentrist, DemRat buddies? No matter. Zeroing out IS a response. Every time it’s done it says “No courage.”



Just exactly like the DNC that you support.

I didn’t save that response, but I’m saving this one.

Bet on it.

And I will put it in a standalone post if it disappears.

Every act like this reflects back on the underhanded tactics of your Clinton-controlled DNC vs. Bernie Sanders. People are beginning to read you for what you are.

Keep it up.


It was shitcanned, too.

This is being done as a makeshift censoring device. I guess they figure I’ll disappear in a cloud of frustration.

They’re wrong.

In fact, I’m going to redouble my efforts every time they pull this stunt.

Sorry, marduk.

Think of something else.

It is people like you who will be the final blow to the Democratic Party when and if it totally fails.

Too bad.

It coulda been a contender again.

The example of Trump would have awakened a sleeping majority in this country.


It’s just another crooked lobbyist’s club, and people are waking up to that, too.

Lots of them. (Has Mueller Already Been Subpoenaed in a Re-Impaneled Uranium One Investigation?)

Good work, bubba.

Sometimes I think that people like you are being encouraged/paid/whatever by forces that want to tank the Democratic Party.

If so?

They’re succeeding.


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