Besides the dual-loyalty as citizens of the US and Israel, the billionaire Jews supporting Trump have a double agenda by defeating HRC in the election at the behest of Bibi Netanyahu. See my earlier diaries …

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My first job in journalism was at the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), a venerable, century-old newswire which provides coverage to Jewish papers around the world. As a jack-of-all trades intern, one of my jobs was to monitor our web traffic. To my surprise, I found that one of our top referrers was frequently, a neo-Nazi website.

Then it made sense: our job was to track every Jewish newsmaker, for good or ill, and write it up. And in a way, so was theirs. Anti-Semites are obsessed with Jewish behavior, and so are Jews: We take pride in those who excel, certainly, but our history has demanded alertness to those who might provoke backlash. To an extent, we have always sought to hush and hide our transgressors. Before the phrase “bad for the Jews” came into currency, the Yiddish phrase a shanda fur di goyim  — a scandal in the eyes of Gentiles — illustrated the plight of a minority community working to show itself in the best light before punitive external scrutiny.

Lately, we’ve been inundated with stories about high-profile Jews behaving badly. Take Michael Cohen, for instance, Trump’s lawyer and fixer whose evocative name dates back to the Jewish Biblical priesthood.

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Cohen is what you might call a high-profile shanda. But he was not the only one to shame his people last week. He was joined by other high-profile shandas Eric Greitens and Elliott Broidy. Greitens, the governor of Missouri, is accused [NYT] of a lurid and grotesque assault on a woman. And Broidy, who stepped down from his role on the finance committee of the Republican National Committee, stands accused [NYT] of paying $1.6 million in hush money to a Playboy Playmate who had an abortion.

His journey from prominent member of the Republican Party to newsmaker prominent for his member was brief and disgraceful.

Reading the news, I and many other Jews experienced a cringing sense of shame. The shame doesn’t come from the certainty that the neo-Nazis are sharing the news. It comes rather from the feeling of being seen by decent folk as of the same tribe as these men.

Recently, pursuant to Cohen’s fall from grace, Alan Dershowitz is providing legal advice to the president, in between his eloquent screeds in defense of Trump on Fox News.

Everyone seems to be breathless about a constitutional crisis, the wreck at the top, the center ceasing to hold. It feels awful to know that there are Jews, too, working to pry things apart.

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