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Breaking News: Russia wins opening World
Cup match against Saudi Arabia, 5-0

Greatest event in sports to unite nations for a fortnight. The Netherlands and the United States failed in their bid to qualify. The football minded supporters in the Netherlands will find ways to join in the festival by supporting fans and teams of other nations. For Holland it will be Morocco in the metropolitan areas, in the south bordering Belgium, the support will be for the Red Devils. As usual, bordering the east it will stay quiet. Due to the German atrocities during 1939-1945 there will be no festival for the German team. Fraternizing in sports has in’t own rules and there are … borders after all!

Big victory for president Donald Trump

After failing to qualify for 2018, the U.S. federation got exactly the win it needed with the United Bid winning the hosting rights for 2026. The only U.S. Soccer team competing in Russia this month won the game it had to win, a game American soccer couldn’t afford to lose. Oops, not going alone but with our NAFTA partners. Putting up walls … ehhh US delegation in Moscow? How shameful!!

At least security assured, Trump won’t be president in 2026.

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FIFA World Cup 2018 opening ceremony as it happened: Moscow dazzles as Robbie Williams helps kick off tournament | The Independent |

Got an “alert” from Le Dauphine, France …

Alete F

Ils s’appellent Yann, Sophie, Doris, Alain, Cécile, Orélie… Ils nous racontent leurs souvenirs de la Coupe du monde 1998 qu’ils ont vécue à Grenoble, Avignon, Gap, Chambéry et même au Stade de France. Alexandre et Olivier, nos deux grands témoins, étaient dans les tribunes ce fameux 12 juillet lors de la finale France-Brésil.

Beaucoup de joie, des larmes, des histoires d’amour, des naissances “agitées”, revivez la Coupe du monde 1998, à partir du match face au Paraguay, à travers leurs ntémoignages.

Equipe de France, Mondial 98 : 5e partie, la finale I FFF 2018 I

France 98 Nuit de fête sur les Champs-Elysées après la victoire des Bleus.

Victory and defeat are closely related on sports, also in politics after BIG SUCCES by Trump in Singapore and another BIG FAILURE days earlier at the G7 in Canada by PM Trudeau.

United States gathered another BIG DEFEAT at the U.N. General Assembly vote on crimes against the Palestinian people

With a huge majority, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution condemning Israel for using “excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate” force during the recent clashes at the Gaza border and calling for an “international protection mechanism” for Palestinian civilians.

The dramatic, down to the wire session saw the United States attempt to add a paragraph condemning Hamas, which was ultimately rejected on procedural grounds though most member states supported it. The resolution, proposed by Algeria and Turkey, then passed with 120 “yes” votes, 8 “no” votes and 45 abstentions.

The eight countries that voted against the resolution were the U.S., Israel, Australia, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Togo and the Solomon Islands.

Most times when there are a disproportionate number of abstentions, one can concluded the effort through threats and bullying by the world’s only super power was successful. This can most often be seen in crucial UN Security Council votes.

UN Jerusalem vote: General Assembly rules against US, declaring recognition of Israel capital ‘null and void’ | The Independent – Dec. 2017 |
UN general assembly recognises Palestinian state – as it happened | The Guardian – Nov. 2012 |
General Assembly condemns assault against Palestinians by Israeli Occupying Forces, refusal to cooperate with fact-finding team | UN – May 2002 |

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley made a complete fool of herself using infantile amendment in a failed attempt to discourage the GA vote …

UN to vote on resolution bashing Israel, with US pushing for Hamas condemnation | Times of Israel |
Netanyahu praises Nikki Haley for strong defense of Israel at U.N. | Jerusalem Post |

She follows in the footsteps of all 21st century appointments by the White House to this key position: John Negroponte – John Danforth – John Bolton – Zalmay Khalilzad – Susan Rice – Samanthe Power. Shameful!

In the meantime …

Treasury hits infosec vendors with Russia-related sanctions
Two Cybersecurity Companies with Links to Israel Placed on U.S. Blacklist

As I have written before, Israel’s PM Netanyahu has never condemned Russia and president Putin on the provocative action by NATO in Ukraine.