CDU/CSU Reach `Compromise’ | The Guardian | ; | Deutsche Welle | ; | Die Welt |
Early stage concentration located in Bavaria near Austrian border … WTF! Will coalition partner SPD accept this correction on the agreed policy on asylum seekers and immigration? Merkel not out of the Bavarian woods yet … Horst Seehofer satisfied for now with a promise for change to take effect at some future date?

Bavaria, Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Albania leading the battle against Islamization of Europe. Just like the Middle Ages … a crusade anyone? Not necessary, Western ally Israel has already occupied (East) Jerusalem … a matter of time before the Third Temple is build.
First our alliance with the Wahhabist monarchy of Saudi Arabia and the satellite state of the Emirates needs to be strengthened to take the fight to the Shiites of the Ayatollahs in Iran. The failures of the United States in Iraq. Libya and Syria have led to a more acute problem … the CENTO nations have changed color from blue to a Red Crescent from Tehran – Baghdad – Damascus – Beirut.  A Shia crescent, so the West should supply armament to these states to fight our proxy war. Similar to the choice made in 1979 under the Carter administration to engage with jihadists in the AfPak region to overthrow Soviet Communism in Afghanistan. We all know how well that plan has worker for the West – a permanent State of War against Islamic terror across the globe.

Melo post @EuroTrib …

Re: The EU is dead  (4.00 / 2)

The EU succumbed to neoliberal brain rot, gambled in the Wall St. casino and is now waiting for the banking crisis to reveal how greedy, compromised and stupid our leaders in the EU really are.
(As if the Greek treatment were not enough to reveal the dark agenda behind the mask of noble goals.)
Arms sales, following US orders to sanction Iran and Russia, (yes sir, how high?), and dirty dealing with car companies and emissions tests, kow towing to mammoth lobbies.
Then the immigration issue…
The hypocrisy and general sliminess of Macron in this regard is remarkable.
Sarkozy was bad enough, Barroso a low point for the time, but the reason for the far-right swing in Europe was the gross mismanagement of the immigration ‘business’ and the people-trafficking interests, the mob, and the anodyne, complicit centre-left parties who lost touch with their bases and ignored the growing resentment, not for the immigrants themselves so much as the shoddy job of integration.
The NGO’s do right of course to rescue people, but are the people who financially back the ONG’s willing to take responsibility for what happens to them after rescue?
We smashed Lybia, now we pay.
Our corporations have been making banks off the backs of Africans for centuries, now comes the blowback.
Throwing money at Africa to try and redeem the plunder with money partly from the plunder is trying to push toothpaste back in the tube.
Racism is thriving, how can we educate bigots who want to hate someone they think is to blame for their plight, but instead of hating those responsible for this mess, they blame the victims!
It’s laziness, too easy to kick those who are already down.
Maybe, just maybe, Europe can use this crisis to re-invent itself in a form closer to its noble aims.
It’s the only hope, and hope is the last to go.

‘The history of public debt is full of irony. It rarely follows our ideas of order and justice.’ Thomas Piketty

by melo (melometa4(at) on Mon Jul 2nd, 2018 at 05:20:28 PM PDT

Xenophobia and Islamophobia Roots of Today’s Triad of Evil

From my diary:  Munich, A Ling Time Brewing …

The role of identity politics in today’s populism and the century-old battle of Christians vs Muslims …

In Munich, Provocation in a Symbol of Foreign Faith | NY Times – Dec. 2006 |
German state orders crosses mounted in government buildings | DW – May 2018 |

Pushing Angela Merkel out, U.S. president Trump puts on the pressure on German carmakers and threat to pull out the U.S. Armed Forces. A welcome gesture, looking forward to the next NATO Summit!

Trump’s Auto Tariffs Threat Targets Heart of German Economy | Bloomberg – May 2018 |

Donald Trump rails against German defense spending shortfall | DW – June 2018|

A report from America’s Trump | Nieuwsuur – Interview on July 2 | [Starts @ 26:00 min]

Voice of America (VOA) Philip Irwin living in Flint Hill, Virginia – owner former plantation Caledonia Farm 1812

Sitting at the breakfast table in Virginia are some of his friends: Demaris Miller – Walter Longyear – Richard Viguerie.

WTF! Everyone know who Richard Viguerie is. Yet no warning given to the Dutch watchers who this person is!

Of course, good-old Jaap de Hoop Scheffer participated in the studio. Jaap is completely clueless of what he has brought about with an aggressive NATO during his reign as Secretary General. Now he looks back as says: : “We were wrong to antagonize Putin with a forced expansion of NATO to Russia’s border.”

Unbelievable … Jaap De Hoop Scheffer

The Republicans in ’88 | The Atlantic – July 1987 |

One of Bush’s strengths as a candidate is his resume. He built a successful oil business. He served two terms as a congressman from Texas. He lost two Senate elections (good for humility). He was the chief United States delegate to the United Nations. He was the chairman of the Republican National Committee (during Watergate, no less). He was the U.S. envoy to China. He was the director of the Central Intelligence Agency. He ran for President. And he was elected and re-elected Vice President of the United States. One can almost hear the echo of Walter Mondale in 1983: “I am ready to be President.”

But Bush’s career is nothing if not an establishment career. And this is still very much an era of anti-establishment politics. That is one reason why movement conservatives, who see themselves as an anti-establishment force, continue to distrust him. No matter how loyal Bush has been to the Reagan revolution, he still looks and acts like the kind of Republican the New Right set out to destroy twenty three years ago. Last year Richard A. Viguerie, the former publisher of Conservative Digest wrote a letter to the editor of The Wall Street Journal detailing Bush’s sins. He had a moderate voting record in Congress. He did not give ideological direction to the Republican Party. He received an award from the Ripon Society, “a club of John Anderson-type Republicans.” In his 1980 campaign he called Reagan’s economic proposals “voodoo economics,” a term that has stuck to Bush more than it has stuck to Reagan. His inner circle includes not a single “movement conservative. “

And–the unpardonable sin–Bush was well born. Viguerie quoted Bill Baxley, the lieutenant governor of Alabama, who, in 1984, called Bush “a pin-stripin’ polo playin’ umbrella-totin’ Ivy Leaguer, born with a silver spoon so far back in his mouth that you couldn’t get it out with a crowbar.” Whether the charge is fair or unfair is not the point. The point is that the Republican Party has not dared to nominate a candidate born to wealth and privilege since Charles Evans Hughes. Democrats can get away with it (Roosevelt, Kennedy). Republicans can’t.

Related reading on topic …

The Anti-Semitic Zionist God Squad by ManfromMiddletown @EuroTrib on Jul 14th, 2006  
Sociology, Social Commentary, and the Rise of the Right

Martin Longman has written four frontpage stories featuring Richard A. Viguerie — a worthwhile read! See archives – here.

Richard Viguerie was a major fundraiser for the GOP, strictly for the Christian Right fundamentalists united in the Club for Growth.  

Hostile Takeover: The New Right Insurgent Movement, Ronald Reagan, and the Republican Party, 1977-1984

This  dissertation  examines  the  contentious  relationship  between  the  New  Right and the Ronald Reagan’s first presidential administration. Led by Richard Viguerie, Paul Weyrich, Terry Dolan, and Howard Phillips, the New Right arose during the 1970s as an insurgent  movement  within  the  Republican  Party  that  had  become  disillusioned  with party  elites  and  its  moderate  positions.  Together,  these  men  sought  to  move  the Republican  Party  further  to  the  right.  They  led  fundraising  groups  for  congressional candidates and used direct mail as a way to mobilize grassroots support for conservative political and social positions.  

The  New  Right  met  with  some  success  in  the  late  1970s  over  the  Panama  Canal and  other  “hot  button”  social issues  such  as  abortion  and  school  prayer.  Along  with  the Moral  Majority,  they  were  instrumental  in  attaching social  and  cultural  issues  to  the Republican Party platform.  Despite Reagan’s support for many of the issues on the New Right’s social agenda,  this  work demonstrates that  their relationship  was fraught  with contention,  disappointment and  distrust.
Rather, diverse  conservative constituencies within  the  Republican  Party vied  with  each  other  for  the  president’s  attention.

This dissertation challenges the notion that Reagan came to office with a unified conservative movement  behind  him;  and
draws  on archival  research,  special  collections,  news coverage  and  interviews  to  reassess  the  importance  of  the  New  Right  to  the  larger conservative  movement.


Source: Angela Merkel’s last-ditch migrant compromise under scrutiny| DW – today |

Still a lot of water will flow under the bridge of the Rhine before this quarrel is settled. Most likely it has become more difficult as the discussion will move forward to a next EU Summit and the Schengen agreement. Nice, as Europe is under attack by Trump’s advisors in the White House to slam Germany with tariffs on car imports, blocking steel and aluminium products AND putting pressure to build-up Armed Forces in Europe with taxpayers bearing a burden to buy US military equipment. Exchange of money to buy AmericaFirst! lethal armament and shipping our jobs overseas to Trump’s Red States. Great deal Trumpf.

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