I’m no professor who teaches you what to read or profess …. It’s about self-study and being a student of history and touching the contemporary world … always undergoing CHANGE! AG being a musician living in a community of artists and his crowd who appreciates his interpretation of what music is about. I fully miss talent for music, my talent is in analysis and understanding  what living is about. Always worked on the social crossroads between conflicting groups.

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What I urge people is to give one another his personal space. To come within my safety zone or you become a threat and adversary. A role played by oaguabonita in detriment to him/herself. It’s a major form of stalking, playground bullying. I simply react to give cover to AG’s room to express his words and thoughts. I do NOT have to agree with the content of what he writes. I consider it AG’s freedom of expression.

In my study I had many courses in philosophy and in the 1960s, college courses for comprehensive reading, independent thinking and detecting propaganda. Mind you, it was shortly after the CIA mind games with the Soviets and it’s KGB counterpart. World chess games were mind games. MKULTRA continues into the present day.

My rearing has always been in a rural setting, small villages with community support through neighbours. During the summer I was alone, just with siblings and some kids from families not living within 3 miles.  

Diversity leading to identity politics and division between white voters and minority groups. A reckoning for liberal morality in a changing America. … The backlash in politics.

Can America’s Two Tribes Learn to Live Together?

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The Retreat to Tribalism

    Imagine three kids running around a maypole, forming a chain with their arms. The innermost kid is holding the pole with one hand. The faster they run, the more centrifugal force there is tearing the chain apart. The tighter they grip, the more centripetal force there is holding the chain together. Eventually centrifugal force exceeds centripetal force and the chain breaks.

    That’s essentially what is happening in this country, N.Y.U.’s Jonathan Haidt argued in a lecture delivered to the Manhattan Institute in November. He listed some of the reasons centrifugal forces may now exceed centripetal: the loss of the common enemies we had in World War II and the Cold War, an increasingly fragmented media, the radicalization of the Republican Party, and a new form of identity politics, especially on campus.

    Haidt made the interesting point that identity politics per se is not the problem. Identity politics is just political mobilization around group characteristics. The problem is that identity politics has dropped its centripetal elements and become entirely centrifugal. [Jonathan Haidt Thomas Cooley Professor of Ethical Leadership, NYU]

How America’s identity politics went from inclusion to division

    Political tribalism has reached a new peak, writes Amy Chua in her new book, and it leaves the US in a new perilous situation

          After being the ‘Tiger Mom’, Amy Chua turns to political tribalism

    We are at an unprecedented moment in America.

    For the first time in US history, white Americans are faced with the prospect of becoming a minority in their “own country.” While many in our multicultural cities may well celebrate the “browning of America” as a welcome step away from “white supremacy”, it’s safe to say that large numbers of American whites are more anxious about this phenomenon, whether they admit it or not. Tellingly, a 2012 study showed that more than half of white Americans believe that “whites have replaced blacks as the ‘primary victims of discrimination’.”

Opinion: How identity politics hurts Democrats’ national hopes

    Despite the endless hysteria surrounding President Trump,  Democrats may be no closer to understanding how to politically capitalize and do better than closely contesting national elections.

    Many feel the Democratic Party could re-assemble a broad, decisive majority coalition like those that powered the Great Society and New Deal behind alleviating poverty, environmental survival and generally enhancing life opportunities for the 99 percent.

    But Democrats have a choice to make: Winning elections and leading the country toward better governance and a better life for most people, especially those who need help. Or, championing identity politics.

Furthermore, I just saw AG has posted his diary on relevant topic …

DNC using so-called “identity politics” to prove its non-racism

People, I have posted diaries @BooMan since early spring 2005. Don’t tell me you don’t know what Oui or former member @dKos creve Coeur is all about. Then one seriously has a problem in reading comprehension. I’m not a pastor to bring persons together. Martin Longman’s started this blog and the community grew and grew. In the first months, each newbie introduced him or herself to the tiny community. Each new member was welcomed as an individual.  You can still find the Welcome Wagon diaries in the archives. I spend many hours posting words of welcome … the community grew and cared. A very special experience. A major surge of new members started in June 2005 after the Pie fight @dKos. The community grew from 1000 to 1500 members in a fast pace.

The times change, I’m just an individual writing about topics I’m concerned about. Yes, I make my personal choices. It’s all there, thousands of diaries posted. No, it’s not possible for me to participate in debate with comments. You know very well the reason … I don’t have to spell it out.

Over @EuroTrib I found a small community where people have an open mind and are relaxed to talk politics. ThankYou.


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Thx Martin … excellent, great stuff. I called the SCOTUS decision on asylum seekers and the resignation of Kennedy a watershed moment for America. Indeed, a sea change for decades. The mid-term election will be momentous for Freedom in America. Individual freedom can never be wagered for the collective AmericaFirst! of the Trumpistas. NEVER!

May the nations of the European Union grow a spine and tell bully Trump a piece of their mind.

The EU is dead by IdiotSavant @EuroTrib on Jul 2nd, 2018


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Re: The EU is dead (4.00 / 2)

… Welcome to the European Tribune. Please feel free to engage in discussions here as you feel fit, but it would be helpful if you didn’t import disputes form other blogs here. Our regulars don’t need to be exposed to disputes imported from elsewhere – we have enough of our own!

As a general rule we assume that contributors here engage with each other in good faith. If someone doesn’t respond to your comments in the way you might like, it is usually best to just move on. We can’t demand that others engage with us on our terms.

Looking forward to seeing you making contributions here in the spirit of constructive criticism or perhaps even launching a few original diaries of your own! It’s always easier to criticize others than to write your own diaries…

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Re: The EU is dead (none / 0)

One of the rules would be no bringing shit from other blogs over here.

You kids want to fight about BT shit, go do it there.

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Thanking AG for covering for me 24/7 … I’ll do the same for you my friend. 🙂

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