It’s almost as if he’s has been watching the recent Booman Tribune wars.

But of course…he needn’t bother. The totally political RussiaGate tempest going on in the media is as plain as day. This little BooTrib teapot tempest means very little in the larger scope of things. Hopkins’ title is a little off though. Regarding this place and the Gang of Four+ that is trying to cleanse it of all opposition to the Clintonite DNC’s neocentrist political posturings, its second sentence might better read: “How Liberals Learned to Continue Worrying Even More and Love the New McCarthyism.”

Read on.

Trump’s Treasonous Traitor Summit or: How Liberals Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the New McCarthyism

by CJ Hopkins

So it appears America and democracy have miraculously survived the dreaded Trump-Putin summit … or Trump’s meeting with his Russian handler, as the neoliberal ruling classes and their mouthpieces in the corporate media would dearly like us all to believe. NATO has not been summarily dissolved. Poland has not been invaded by Russia. The offices of The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC have not been stormed by squads of jackbooted Trumpian Gestapo. The Destabilization of the Middle East, the Privatization of Virtually Everything, the Conversion of the Planet into One Big Shopping Mall, and other global capitalist projects are all going forward uninterrupted. Apart from Trump making a narcissistic, word-salad-babbling jackass of himself, which he does on a more or less daily basis, nothing particularly apocalyptic happened.

And so, once again, Western liberals, and others obsessed with Donald Trump, having been teased into a painfully tumescent paroxysm of anticipation of some unimaginably horrible event that would finally lead to Trump’s impeachment (or his removal from office by other means) were left standing around with their hysteria in their hands. It has become a sadistic ritual at this point … like a twisted, pseudo-Tantric exercise where the media get liberals all lathered up over whatever fresh horror Trump has just perpetrated (or some non-story story they have invented out of whole cloth), build the tension for several days, until liberals are moaning and begging for impeachment, or a full-blown CIA-sponsored coup, then pull out abruptly and leave the poor bastards writhing in agony until the next time … which is pretty much exactly what just happened.

In the days and weeks leading up to the summit, the global capitalist ruling class Resistance deployed every weapon in its mighty arsenal to whip the Western masses up into a frenzy of anti-Putin-Nazi fervor. While continuing to flog the wildly popular baby concentration camp story (because the Hitler stimulus never fails to elicit a Pavlovian response from Americans, regardless of how often or how blatantly you use it), the corporate media began hammering hard on the “Trump is a Russian Agent” hysteria. (Normally, the corporate media alternates between the Hitler hysteria and the Russia hysteria so as not to completely short-circuit the already scrambled brains of Western liberals, but given the imminent threat of a peace deal, they needed to go the whole hog this time and paint this summit as a secret, internationally televised assignation between Hitler and … well, Hitler).

In order to render them even more repugnant in the eyes of Western liberals (as if being two Hitlers wasn’t repugnant enough), The New York Times produced this short porno graphically depicting Trump and Putin as insatiably horny homosexual lovers. A fusillade of apocalyptic op-eds followed, the most shamelessly paranoid and hysterical of which was Roger Cohen’s experimental dystopia, in which “The Alliance of Authoritarian and Reactionary States” trick the inherently fascist Europeans into launching a Second Holocaust with a “fake news” story about Moroccan migrants abducting poor little “Tatiana” from a beach resort in Fuengirola.

While faithful New York Times-reading liberals were still struggling to regain control of their sphincters and doubling up on their alprazolam prescriptions in a desperate attempt to banish these visions of the coming butch-gay Putin-Nazi Reich, go-to propagandist, Jonathan Chait, who has obviously been watching way too much Homeland, published this paranoid spec-fic novella (complete with a “Carrie is off her meds” flow chart) about how Trump has probably been “a Russian intelligence asset” since 1987. At the same time, MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance took to Twitter to denounce Glenn Greenwald as a treasonous “agent of Trump and Moscow” for physically traveling to a conference in Russia and speaking with several Russian people. Nance, who usually just makes things up, was actually telling the truth this time. Greenwald really did visit Russia, and was selfied in the company of Edward Snowden, on top of which he’s totally gay, and God knows what kind of Commie orgies go on in the Kremlin dungeon!


He goes on. Read the whole thing if you value written comedy.

It’s brilliant.

And true, as well.

As I wrote here recently, We Are Being Chicken Littled. From ALL Sides.


The mainstream media has essentially picked up the Fox News tabloid approach, sanded off its rough edges and then turned it upside down and inside out so that it hypes the neocentrist anti-Trump movement.

That of course would be a wonderful thing, if only:

#1-The neocentrist anti-Trump movement wasn’t being run by DC swamp dwellers of both parties plus the seemingly eternal deep state interests, and they are all simply protecting their own criminal turf from an interloper.


#2-It was working.

It’s not.

It is getting more and more shrill, and as it does…as was my point in the linked article above…people are getting tired of it and turning away from the whole boondoggle.

That also might be a wonderful thing. I’m not really sure.

There was a ’60s anti-war meme that went like this:

What if they declared a war and no one showed up?


What if they held an election and no one voted?

We are already almost halfway to that point with our 40+% non-voting eligible voters.

Of course, that won’t happen. There are too many “faithful New York Times-reading liberals” (Hopkins’ words) and their mirror image…faithful Fox News watchers…for a massive No Vote Due To Lack Of Confidence!!! to happen, but as the empty media fires rise up, it is becoming plain to many more people that they are being had. Is there a tipping point of some kind? A number? A place in the hustle where the people who have been surrounding the three card monte table just get bored and walk away? A place where the majority of American voters wake up to the machinations of the three card monte guys?

I wonder.

We’ll find out.

Soon enough.

My gut feeling is that this is not going to end well, no matter how it ends.

It’s already gone too far off the rails.

So it goes, and…buckle up, folks. It’s looks like it’s gonna continue to be a rough ride.

Even rougher than it’s been so far.




P.S. Hopkins’ last paragraph is priceless.

God knows where we go from here. It’s hard to believe the ruling classes can keep teasing liberals, and other Trump-obsessives, over and over and over like this, without eventually impeaching or shooting the guy … but then again, maybe they can. Perhaps they intend to continue conducting this experiment all the way up to 2020, just to see how paranoid and mindlessly conformist they make the majority of the Western public. In any event, if they decide not to impeach him, and then try him for treason, or just kill him, or whatever, the Democrats at least have a new campaign slogan that they can use in 2018 and beyond … “NEXT TIME VOTE FOR WHO WE TELL YOU TO, YOU RUSSIA-LOVING NAZI SCUM!” It kind of has a ring to it, doesn’t it?


A familiar ring, given what has been happening here in the comments sections.

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