Sorry, folks…I really would like to simply be able to post about current events, etc.

But I also really would like to be able to post replies…including links …without constant threats, zero ratings and/or insults from four posters here-marduk, nalbar, centristfielddj and oaguabonita.

The NeoCentrist Gang of Four.

Here is marduk’s latest “threat.”

I told you you’d get zeroed for this spam and I told you why. Post in the diaries or post in the thread. Don’t spam your diary shit here.

And here is my posted reply/answer…which will most certainly earn other zeroes from these self-appointed “guardian(s)” of the site:

This is a war that you are eventually going to lose, marduk. You will either lose it by finally getting censured by Booman or you will lose it by winning and turning Booman Tribune into dKos Jr.

You people have already cheapened this site to the point that many dissenting voices have simply stopped coming here.

But I am not leaving, and neither will I kowtow to your power plays.


Vote with your ratings, folks. And your recommendations as well. Zero rate the Gang of Four when they try to run their meta shit and recommend/uprate posts that you like.

Stop being passive.

Neutrality sucks.

They want a war?

Let’s give them one.

It will be very much like a smaller version of the war about to happen in the Democratic Party.

I know where my alliances reside.

With unlimited freedom of discussion.

And I know where theirs reside.

Censorship of effective opposition.

DNC Lite.

They have position because they downrate freely and often…especially the marduk/nalbar twins. Thus their active opposition’s ratings have sunk so low that we have no zeroes available with which to retaliate. The opposition’s point has been not to censor, but to argue. Thus the problem.

Where do your alliances reside?

You know who you are.

The silent ones.

Do your alliances reside with the censorship of power or freedom of speech?

Let’s see where the heart of this blog really lives!!!

Give them a taste of their own medicine.


Over and out.