Mutassim Gaddafi

Gaddafi son Mo’tassim captured

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Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, Rendition and the West

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Hillary Clinton the darling of Al Jazeera and Erdogan of Turkey … decision on regime change in Libya and Syria!

Developments Arab Spring Egypt’s Revolt Explained

Nasser threw out the Muslim Brotherhood in the 1960s – hanged some of the leaders for assassination attempts. The MB found refuge in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar. The MB is banned in the KSA and UAE. Erdogan’s Turkey is aligned with the MB, Qatar, Egypt’s Morsi and Hamas in Gaza. Hillary Clinton aligned herself with the MB factions and was never able to reach a common goal in Syria for a political solution in Geneva. Of course Egypt’s president Sadat was indeed assassinated by leaders of the MB – think Ayman Al Zawahiri. The MB closed ranks with Saudi rebel Osama bin-Laden and formed Al Qaeda during the Clinton presidency.

Influential leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood

From these experiences grew Qutb’s rejection of the West, namely democracy, nationalism and secularism (Cline).  When Qutb returned to Egypt in 1951 the Egyptian government’s pro-Western position resulted in Qutb’s forced resignation.  Shortly thereafter Qutb joined the Muslim Brotherhood and quickly developed into an eminent member, positioned as the head of the Brotherhood’s propaganda department in 1952.  In his book Islam and the Problem of Civilization, Qutb questioned,

    “What should be our verdict on this synthetic [Western] civilization?  What should be done about America and the West, given their overwhelming danger to humanity…?  Should we not issue a sentence of death?  Is it not the verdict most appropriate to the nature of the crime?” (“Birth of the”)

In more recent years these views have been reprised in the discourse of Osama bin Laden and his intellectual mentor, Ayman Zawahiri (“Birth of the”).

In prison following assassination attempts on Nasser’s life and the subsequent banning of the Brotherhood, Qutb wrote his most famous book, in 1954, Malim if al-Tariq (Milestones).  Milestones outlined his plan for political jihad to lead to Islam’s global power and advocated the establishment of believers to lead a war against Jahiliyya, the state of ignorance that existed before Mohammed’s message that introduced Islam to the world (Cline).  In his book he divided social systems into two categories:  The Order of Islam and the Order of Jahiliyya. In 1966, Nasser responded to three assassination attempts on his life by hanging several of the Muslim Brotherhood’s leaders, including Qutb.

Egypt: 450 Terrorists Killed in Sinai Operation

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