Federal prosecutors in New York City issued expansive subpoenas to President Trump’s inaugural committee on Monday and they are reportedly seeking interviews with executives at the Trump Organization.  Trump’s campaign chairman will be sentenced on March 13, likely to what will amount to life in prison. His former personal lawyer has been sentenced to three years in prison and will be provided damning testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee before reporting to prison on March 6th. His former deputy campaign chairman is still cooperating with prosecutors and so is his former national security advisor, but both of them will eventually be sentenced and do substantial time behind bars. In December, the Trump Foundation ceased to exist as part of a criminal settlement with the New York state attorney general’s office. Meanwhile, the president is facing numerous serious allegations of felonious wrongdoing that include campaign finance violations, bank fraud, wire fraud, obstruction of justice, witness tampering, and a potential criminal conspiracy to defraud the American people by colluding with a foreign government to pervert a presidential election.

This is the context for tonight’s State of the Union address, where the president will also have to contend with a Republican Party in open revolt and a Democratic Party eager to get its hands on his tax returns and otherwise begin serious oversight of his administration.

It should be interesting.

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