As above, so below.

From Newsweek. (

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told Showtime’s new late-night talk show Desus & Mero that the nonstop criticism and personal attacks lobbed her way is “validation” that she is doing something right.

During the first episode of the show on Showtime (it previously appeared on Viceland), Ocasio-Cortez, who hosts Desus Nice and The Kid Mero introduced as the “Notorious AOC,” admitted that the trolling and abuse was “heavy.”

“But in a weird way, that stuff is validation that you’re doing something real,” she said, reported The Daily Beast.



So…thank you once again, alla you neocentrist insult comedians.

Pile on. Enjoy your short stint in the sun, out from the rocks underneath which you have apparently been living.

You’re doing nothing but proving my point.


The New York Democrat said she didn’t mind the online insults because many of them are “so weak.”

Yup twice!!!



P.S. Looking at the neocentrist, McCarthyite trolling going on below, I guess it’s time to post my usual (non-zeroable) answer.


Oh well…

I wonder on what side of their mouths they will be lying once their beloved DNC is publicly proven to be as corrupt as the rest of the criminal government now in power up and down Washington DC, from the presidency straight on through to the crooked lobbyists who buy congresspeople. Diogenes would have contemplated suicide had he lived today.

Here is my usual answer to all of this claptrap.


A group…or perhaps better, a cadre…of people on this site have tried everything in their power to discourage criticism of the Democratic Party as it stands today. They automatically downrate such posts and have endlessly attacked several posters as liars, fools, pro-Trump trolls and/or spreaders of Russian propaganda. When effectively rebutted, they simply ignore the rebuttal and repeat the same attacks. These McCarthyite tactics are intended to exhaust the patience of the attacked posters and discourage others from reading or posting similar material. It has worked on a few posters, who have simply given up. It has not worked with me. I initially answered their attacks with attempts at reason. After realizing that this was a total waste of time, I have pretty much stopped replying to them. My comments and articles on this site are my replies. Read what I have to say; consider what they have to say and how it is said, and then make up your own minds. Thank you-AG


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