In his recent post Dems Can Do Better Than Amy Klobuchar (, Booman wrote:

I bring up [my distaste for Joe Sestak] now to demonstrate that anything I might say about how Sen. Amy Klobuchar treats her staff should not be interpreted as some double standard that I apply to women but would never apply to a man.


Read on.
I am truly sorry that Booman feels the need to justify his distaste for Amy Klobuchar with an apology to the PC crowd. They are kneejerkers, just as are the misogynists. Are we not to be allowed to disapprove of any potential candidate…or for that matter, any person with whom we must interact on any level whatsoever…without first proving that we are not being misogynist/racist/sexist (in any way including anti-homosexual/anti-semitic/anti-what-the-fuck-ever) etc., etc., etc., etc.? This is a swamp into which the entire system will eventually sink, lock, stock and barrel.

The gears of discourse will eventually totally seize up in the rapidly thickening mud of media-enforced, faux PC.

In point of fact it has probably already done so to some great degree..

It’s the old “Some of my best friends are [fill-in-the-blank]” line turned on its head.

Some of my worst enemies are not [fill-in-the-blank]!!!

If you do not like what you are learning about Klobuchar, why must you justify that dislike? Do you feel the need to do so about Trump? Did you feel the need to do so about McCain or Sestak? I doubt it.

Tell the PCers to go fuck themselves.

They were a large part of the reasons that drove otherwise sensible people away from the Dems in 2016…either into Trump’s arms or (maybe even worse) into non-voting disgust with the whole system as it stands.

Do you trust…or not trust…say Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on ethnic, sexist or ageist grounds? Do you feel the need to apologize for your positions on people…yea or nay…to the PC hustlers who are fatally congesting the political and social dialogues with what are is essence themselves PC (Or maybe better, anti-PC) grounds?

If so, you are already defeated.

Where is the difference between saying that you oppose So-and-So because he/she is a damned (again, fill in the blank) and being told that you must perform the (impossible) task of justifying your opposition by establishing that you have opposed other people who are not whatever jive PC category the congestors can rattle up?

After all, we are all some kind of “minority,” even if it’s a minority of one.

Stand your ground with no apologies.

Or…watch the Dems lose in 2020 as faux PC once again chases the sensible away from the party.




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