Booman recently posted about the inexcusable leniency Judge T.S. Ellis showed in his sentencing of the total slimeball Paul Manafort. (

Yes to all of it.

Another creature of the Permanent Government cooperated with whatever extra-legal maneuvers the Mueller investigation performed to get Manafort to rat on his super-slimeball boss, Donald Trump.

Business as usual in the DC Swamp.

But…there is only one way to even begin to get rid of the well-entrenched trash that are now in control of way too many of this government’s functions.

What is it?

A 2020 landslide win by the Democratic Party!!!

It would be a beginning, at the very least.

And there is only one way to do that, as far as I can see….nominate a presidential candidate that truly appeals to the 70%+ supermajority of potential voters in this country, and then support that candidate to the max!!!

Nominate some old-line Dem, already tarred and feathered with the vast mistakes of the neoliberal, Clinton/Obama years?

Biden, maybe?

Some other DNC pet?

Or a set of candidates that is transparently identifiable as an “identity politics” compromise?

Lose important parts of that supermajority.

HRC redux.

Once again.

Bet on it.

Read on.
Could a lesser candidate “win?”

One with insoluble ties to the last 26 years or so of the neoliberal/neocentrist DNC and its controllers?

Like…oh, I’ll say again…Joe Biden? (Currently a “frontrunner” in many neolib/neocentrist media…and he hasn’t even announced he’s running!!! The neocentrist hype machine in all of its tawdry glory.)

After the viciously stupid, plainly criminal Trump reign and the corporate-owned mainstream media’s 4+ years of full cry fury that a neoconservative member of the duopoply didn’t get elected?


But that win would most certainly be a loss in the end.



Because without that supermajority, it would once again simply be DemRats and RatPubs playing national cat and mouse across the nonexistent aisle for another 4 or 8 years, that’s why.

Could a new-age candidate win?

I give it a 90% chance, myself.

As hostile as most of the corporate world is to Trump, they and their media couldn’t possibly take the risk that he (or one of his cronies if he is unable to run) might win by half-assing their supposed “support” for someone new and honest from the Democratic Party.

Now’s the time!!!

Miss it and take the chance of another 8 to 28+ years of alien rule.

Yes, I said “alien.”

There are all kinds of theories about alien beings controlling world affairs for their own purposes. I really know nothing at all about that, but I do know the following:

The .01%…the multinational corporate interests, plutocracies, mafias and whatever else you might wish to call them…are themselves “alien” to the needs and wishes of the Earth’s “supermajority.”

Shrug your shoulders and mutter words like “inevitability” or “pragmatism,” and what you are really saying is:

I give up.

I surrender.

Come eat me.

Another several years of “pragmatic” semi-inaction on climate change and we are as good as through!!!

Are the corporations going to take that action?

Apparently not.

“Corporations”…and the people who profit so mightily from them…work on the profit motive. Quarterly profit. If several quarters go by with substantial losses, the major shareholders simply install other bosses…bosses who will insure profit! And then they look into how they will survive.

In a brave new world of AI, robots and enclosed living quarters?

What’s the difference. as far as they are concerned.

As Marie Antoinette supposedly said:

Qu’ils mangent de la brioche.

Roughly translated:

Let them eat cake.

What our controllers are essentially saying is the following:

Let them eat dirt.

Let them die.

Too damned many people here anyway!!!

Will no one rid us of of these troublesome people!!!???

(Another variation on a controller’s words: “Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?” At which point Thomas à Beckett was murdered.)

There it is, folks.

As plain as day.

How many more chances are we going to be provided before we’re blowing in the wind?

Not many, I’ll wager.

Climate change, worldwide economic collapse, nuclear war or plague.

Or…some awful combination of those four.

Prevaricate at your own peril.

At our own peril!!!

Later (If of course there is one.)…