Sometimes I don’t like to admit how much Donald Trump irritates me because I feel like it’s wrong to give him or his supporters any satisfaction, but I can’t help myself in this case. On Friday night, Trump had a little private party for large GOP donors and his Mar-a-Lago crib.

To prevent leaks from Trump’s Friday night Mar-a-Lago speech to RNC donors, security guards made attendees put their cellphones in magnetized pouches that they carried around like purses until they left the club.

Despite the efforts to keep the president’s remarks private, they have leaked out.

So leakers had to rely on their memories. Trump entered to Lee Greenwood’s “Proud to Be an American,” then launched into one of his trademark stream-of-consciousness speeches, according to three people who were there. They said the crowd roared with laughter throughout.

Even though the crowd was often roaring with laughter, there were a few moments that gave even these partisans some pause. Here’s one:

Referring to the recent anti-Semitism controversies with Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, Trump told the donors: “The Democrats hate Jewish people.”

Trump said he didn’t understand how any Jew could vote for a Democrat these days. Trump talked about how much he’d done for Israel, noting his historic decision to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Trump said if he could run to be prime minister of Israel, he’d be at 98% in the polls, according to three sources who were there.

I can’t really describe the kind of rage I feel when I read those words.