A fairly innocuous one at that.

Here is a printout of their ratings. (In case you are not in the know, two zeroes with no other higher rating hide any given post. But…since these people have been doing this sort of thing for several years, I always save my comments. I will not be McCarthyized!!!):

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And here is the post to which I was answering and my (very friendly and totally pro-Elizabeth Warren) response:

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I do not think Mueller implied this at all. I think it is fairly obvious that Mueller accepted this as a constraint from day one. (I have not yet finished part one of the report so I may have to change my view of the matter before I am done.)

I think part one of the report is enough to impeach. There may not be a provable crime in it, but it is scathing nonetheless. Trump knew the Russians were committing a crime, they welcomed it, they lied about it and they benefitted from it.

The Democrats will get around to doing the right thing. Elizabeth Warren – who is proving to be a formidable candidate, IMO – has it exactly right.

by Tom Benjamin on Sat Apr 20th, 2019 at 03:48:14 PM EST
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Thank you.

Please read my most recent post here if you have not already done so..

Elizabeth Warren/Impeachment. ALWAYS the First Dem Out On Morally Correct Issues.

Thanks again…


Not until faithfulness turns to betrayal-and betrayal into trust-can any human being become part of the truth. — Rumi

by Arthur Gilroy (arthurgilroy<at>earthlink.net) on Sat Apr 20th, 2019 at 03:54:09 PM EST

If this blog is to remain anything more than a printout for the DNC, this sort of nonsense simply must stop!!!


Are you watching?

Update [2019-4-21 17:20:52 by Arthur Gilroy]: In answer to the over-the-top wailings of our neocentrist cadre below:

Three things.

#1-I made a perfectly friendly and innocent recommendation to a…to me, anyway…new poster who had written something along the same lines. I thought he might like it.

#2-I have not posted a link to one of my standalones for quite a while. I cannot remember when.



2a-I don’t really give a fuck if they are read or not. I write them, and y’all can either pick up on them or ignore them. No skin off my teeth, either way.


2b-Your whining spoils the fun.

3-I have better things to do than spar with you kneejerkers.

See ya later, DNCers…

I can’t wait to see exactly how the DNC is going to fuck up this time!!! It’ll be hard to top the HRC fiasco.

P.S. Always remember, blessed enemies:

You put up a lame candidate, you probably lose.

And so does everyone else, even if you win.