I see Trump is still fantasizing about staying in office longer than eight years. This time, he’s convinced himself that his supporters might demand that he stay in office for a third term, as if the rest of us would just accede to their demands. He’s getting way ahead of himself. First he needs to win election to a second term before he can talk about blowing off the Constitution to serve a thibrd.

I’m not sure what I’ll do if Trump is reelected. Maybe it’s something I should think about. Maybe I ought to be making some kind of contingency plans. Do I set up a survivalist camp in the Idaho wilderness? Whatever I’d do, it wouldn’t involve emigrating, because I’d never cede this country to this president and his supporters. On the other hand, I’d probably have little choice to give up on politics ever setting this place right. ┬áIf the American people choose this president again, even once, that will convince me that they’re beyond help.

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