Personally, if I were a lawmaker, I’d probably support the effort to put whole milk back on the school lunch menus. I’d certainly listen to the expert testimony on both sides of the argument, but my inclination is to side with the dairy farmers on this one.

Number one, milk consumption is way down and the dairy industry is suffering. Number two, I’m not convinced that the fat content of milk contributes a lot to childhood obesity. Number three, if people just replace milk with sugary drinks, then the health consequences of the ban will be negative. This is why I would oppose the effort to allow flavored whole milk’s reentry into public schools.

The dairy farmers make another argument that has some merit too. If all you ever get to drink is low or nonfat milk, you’ll probably think milk isn’t that great to begin with.

Like I said, I’m openminded, but also glad to do the farmers a favor on this one unless someone can convince me otherwise.

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