Fox and Friends’ Brian Kilmeade has an interesting defense of President Donald Trump’s concentration camps: “it’s not our kids.” He really said that. You can actually see Kilmeade’s face kind of jerk around, as what I assume is the last smoldering ash of his conscience cries out No, Brian, NO, before commencing its death rattle. It’s really quite remarkable, if sickening, to watch.

This is the same Brian Kilmeade who thinks abortion should be banned to prevent women from killing babies. I was looking around for more topics to highlight Kilmeade’s hypocrisy but after about five minutes, I figured why bother?. The dude is utterly repellent, well-known as a racist, xenophobe, and professional liar. Brian Kilmeade is going to keep promoting shitty “ideas” in the shittiest way possible, probably until the day he drops dead, which sadly will likely be a long time from now.

But yeah, that’s what millions of people are seeing every morning. Well-fed, smirking toady Brian Kilmeade, a man who looks like he eats flies, telling them it doesn’t matter what happens to little kids, because they’re not “ours.”

I wonder what Kilmeade say if one of his kids was run over by a bus, and the driver slowed down to yell, “not my kid, who gives a shit,” before driving off. Or if one of his kids got cancer, and the doctor refused treatment, saying “it’s not my kid, suck a bag of salty dicks.” Or if Kilmeade learned one of his two daughters was molested and no one reported anything because “it’s not my kid.”

I think it’d be a different situation if it was his kids. In the meantime, don’t hire Brian for any babysitting. He doesn’t give a shit what happens to your kids.

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