Hello photo lovers!

The series of foto flogs continues on the revamped and revitalized Progress Pond.

Posting photos should be easy. Do you have images hosted somewhere? You should just need an url. Once you place an url of your photo into a comment, your photo should post just fine. No need for any code any more. I host some of my personal photos on Flickr. I think some others use Imgur and find that hosting service satisfactory. Whatever works.

The Foto Flog was curated by a lot of people over the years. At one point, they were even themed – Foto Fairs. For now let’s keep it loose. This week’s featured photo is one I took in Rotterdam while I was walking between a dinner hosted by my conference sponsors and the central city area. Given my limited time to take photos, I managed to make the most of the opportunity. I seem to end up in the Netherlands for layovers, so if I am able to schedule in an extensive enough layover next time I fly to the EU, I will definitely make sure to book in enough time to make a train trip to the beautiful city of Rotterdam.

To participate in the foto flogs, you don’t have to be a pro. I am definitely an amateur hobbyist. I’ve been taking tons of photos – mostly of landscapes and cityscapes – since I was in my early teens. Currently, I use my LG ThinQ 40 for everyday use. I do have a 35mm camera that is a good three decades old, although one of my daughters seems to have commandeered that one. I’ve always been impressed with the folks who have posted their work in the past. So, let’s make this come to life.


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