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Hi music lovers!

I thought I’d do something green and recycle a bit. This track is probably my theme song:

Chumbawamba was a band that I initially associated with mid-1980s anarchopunk. A friend of mine got to crash with them in the UK one summer early during my college days and brought back a couple of their albums, which he promptly made sure I had dubbed on tape. They were on point politically and musically it was obvious that they were extremely talented. Tubthumping may have been one of the more left-field top-40 hits to land the charts, but in a sense I was not surprised. It was cool to see a band of artists who were well into their 30s by then break big and introduce a wider audience to some perspectives they might not have considered otherwise. And for any of us on the left, we get knocked down a lot these days. The point is to get up again.

The jukebox and bar are open. Have a good time and be responsible (we can do both).


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