Well, I managed to get myself suspended from Twitter after responding tartly to GOP spokesvermin Ronna McDaniel, who got all huffy and stupid after her party’s racist rhetoric inspired yet another mass shooting.

For a bunch of truth-telling tough guys, Republicans sure are fragile. I have to assume that Ms. McDaniel, or whoever reported this to Twitter, must have had to withdraw to the fainting couch after the horror of my words. OH, I’M HAVING A CASE OF THE VAPORS, FETCH THE PAREGORIC!

Meanwhile, 29 people are dead, dozens more are injured and traumatized, and the Republican Party continues to block sensible legislation.

All of these shootings—every last one of them—can be laid at the feet of the Republican Party. If they don’t like it, maybe they should change the path they’re on. If they don’t like harsh criticism, which the pile of dead and broken bodies in their wake shows they’ve earned, maybe they shouldn’t be such bad people.

I’m not sorry at all for what I said, and I never will be. If anything, my response was muted: what she really deserved was an unending stream of photos of the dead, mangled, and broken bodies that have resulted from her disgusting party’s gun humping.

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