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Hi music lovers!

Lately it seems like I’ve treated this space almost like I might be on air in studio. I’ll mix it up a bit eventually. But for now it just sort of feels right. My tastes are eclectic, but one of a couple common threads I inevitably insist on pulling is electronic musics. Electronica, broadly speaking, was still very much in its pioneer phase when I was very young. I would have likely heard bits and pieces of early synths as background music on some sci-fi show or whatever, but would have been oblivious to the composers and musicians responsible. I just knew it fascinated me somehow. Later I would find LPs and CDs. These days I rely on digital downloads that I can fit countless hours of music on a thumb drive.

Electronica is hardly new either. The stuff you hear at a rave now is not much different than what would have existed a scant two decades ago. Perhaps it’s more commodified now. Inevitably there are YouTube channels, Instagram accounts, and merch to push a brand. There is of course contemporary music that is not mere product. Think about it. The struggle of art versus commerce is older than any of us is. But regardless of whether the electronic music you hear is more for commercial consumption or artful musings, it has its pioneers, and they should not be forgotten. So tonight, here is a brief tribute to one of electronica’s pioneers. She is hardly alone:

Think of it as night music if you are so disposed. I do. Whether or not one finds some sort of deep intellectual meaning to it is up to you. I just know when something feels right when I hear it. That’s it. For real. I do have a deep appreciation for the history of anything I listen to. We’ve all pretty much sussed that out by now, I suppose.

In the meantime, I’ll post as I can. I am in the midst of a busy week. The bar is open. So is the jukebox for those who need to escape my virtual studio. For those fascinated, stick around. I won’t disappoint.


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