Apparently, the president of the United States doesn’t want to send any more emergency management money to California. He made a similar threat once before and didn’t keep it, but I think Governor Newsom’s spokesperson hit the nail on the head here:

In September the EPA warned California over water and air pollution – and threatened to withdraw California’s federal road funding unless changes were made.

Referencing the Ukraine scandal that has led to impeachment proceedings being launched against Mr Trump, a spokesman for Mr Newsom told The Washington Post at the time: ““There’s a common theme in the news coming out of this White House this week. The president is abusing the powers of the presidency and weaponising government to attack his political opponents,”

“This is not about clean air, clean water or helping our state with homelessness. This is political retribution against California, plain and simple.”

It’s really not any more complicated than that. This president needs to go.

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