I’m off to another chess tournament. The child won the last night so that was fun. There is so much to write about, all of it bad news for Trump. I continue to think that the worst is yet to come and that if Trump is going to be removed from office it will be because of things that Lev Parnas has to say. The news that came out yesterday came from many angles, but they all converge on the fact that the president never tells the truth. Ever. The trial of Roger Stone demonstrated this just as well as the Secret Service revealing that the plot to host the G-7 at Trump’s Doral resort was a last minute addition rather than anything like what Mick Mulvaney described in his press conference. The president continues to suggest that he doesn’t know people who has met with privately and repeatedly, including people who are on trial for committing serious felonies. This is going to be his downfall if he’s going to have a downfall.

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