Both Martin and I have written at length about CNN’s resident idiot Chris Cillizza. His reputation as an untalented hack is legendary. As I have pointed out, he is reliably wrong.

But in an admission that this out-of-work writer finds enraging, he is also lazy and spends his time on Twitter complaining about his highly-paid job, which requires him to watch politicians talk and translate it into normal English.

On behalf of every single unpaid blogger, laid off writer and reporter, and struggling editor, FUCK YOU CHRIS CILLIZZA. I could make a few whiney complaints about my previous job, but at no time, EVER, did I complain about what a privilege it was to get paid to write about politics. I would gladly suck Ted Turner’s withered wang to climax to enjoy the kind of job that Cillizza can only complain about.

One of the reasons I don’t blog now is the lack of time. A single post can take a few hours to generate, when you consider the research, fact-checking, HTML, choosing images, etc. It’s not easy work. Marty is lucky to have a job as a political writer, because it affords him the time to do it right. Same here, when I was at Raw Story. Now I’m out there chasing that money. I made $59 after taxes last week. That’s not a typo.

Cillizza makes far more money than I ever made at Raw Story, and here he is COMPLAINING that his job is HARD. Poor fucking baby. If he hates it so much, I will gladly trade places with him. He can be the one to lift heavy stainless steel truss and 175 pound decking panels. He can be the one to get sweaty and dirty working behind the scenes at conventions for $16-$20.00/hour with no benefits.

If CNN wants to live up to its slog “the most trusted name in news” they would be well-advised to get rid of Chris Cillizza, who not only serves no purpose but openly hates his job. On that note, my lunch break will be over in 20 minutes and I need to get back to a warehouse where I’m dismantling LED video walls all day. It’s good, hard work. Maybe Cillizza should try it some time.

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