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I think this is the first one of these that I have posted to ring in Christmas Day. So, Happy Holidays to anyone who happens upon this one.

This is Robert Fripp’s take on Silent Night. This was recorded in 1979 and originally appeared in a magazine as a flexidisc later that year. It would appear on a proper album in the mid-1990s. Personally, I think this is lovely.

If you have appropriate themed videos, they are welcome here. If Neon Vincent is available, I hope he’ll take over the bartending for a moment. If not, no worries. I seem to be more or less pretending like I know what I am doing.

Best wishes. I can apparently ring in the new year with the next Midweek Cafe and Lounge. That, too, will be a unique experience.

I will be in and out of town a bit. I have some family over and am planning to drive a few hours to visit some more family. Looking forward to that. Tomorrow I will be grilling steaks. That’s become the tradition. Just got to make sure I marinate them right.


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