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So let’s ring in the new year! It’s not every day you get to start the new year and decade off with a simple blog post, but here it is.

If there is a theme these next several days it will be something of the best of the 2010s, as we saw them. I was quite pleased with the quality of recording artists – especially indie artists – over the past decade. Sharon Van Etten is one. This track, Comeback Kid, is from her most recent album. She’s also currently on tour. Her style is definitely her own. She’s a singer-songwriter who has always added some electronic elements to her songs. This past year, she really decided to emphasize the electronic. In some ways it makes her songs reminiscent of the mid-1980s. In unplugged settings, her new songs hold up very nicely.

A bar tender is available, and we have plenty of music to select from. Happy New Year.


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