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First, let’s look at some of the recent late night talk show hosts. Let’s start from Seth Meyers:

John Oliver on coronavirus conspiracy theories:

Steven Colbert has his take on current events:

Sorry, no new Sarah Cooper videos. We’ll have to wait a bit, but it’ll be worth it.

At some point, I’d like to shift back to music videos, etc., but just staying informed a bit and perhaps finding a moment to chuckle a bit at a very absurd situation is something anyone could probably use right now. And let’s face it, the last few months in particular have been off the chain crazy. I’ve seen some musical performers get pretty creative. If you’ve ever wondered what a zoom jam session would sound like (after some professional mixing gets done), I can safely say I have seen it, and I am here for it.

I think the nature of comments in this series of posts will be different for a while. I really don’t want to step on the toes of our blog’s host, as he’s got so much on his plate that pressing him on the matter is simply not something I’d do or advocate, but for the time being the days of posting multimedia (e.g., YouTube videos, Twitter posts, etc.) in the comments themselves are over (hopefully not permanently). That does change the character if this little section of the blog a bit. Last week, I experimented a whole bunch that I just got fed up. So it goes. Small problem in a world full of many bigger problems.

But if nothing else, we can always talk amongst ourselves, and maybe take a moment to decompress.

In the meantime, since the virtual jukebox is broken, drinks are on the house. Just put it on Booman’s tab. He won’t mind. Just don’t tell him I said that. It’s our little secret.

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