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Hey everyone! It’s another day ending in y. I remember the good old days when it didn’t feel like a whole month’s worth of events were packed into one day. Yet here we are. It’s lit, as the kids would say.

Sometimes the comedians manage to make sense of the insanity better than anyone else, so let’s start with Seth Meyers covering whatever the heck that spectacle was on Monday night:

Sometimes, all we can do is laugh.

John Oliver on voting:

If nothing else, it’s informative, although there are moments that are entertaining. I’ve seen the “get your booty to the polls” video thanks to Twitter, so John Oliver’s commentary on that is amusing enough.

SNL is back, and their cold opening was a parody of the first (and possibly only) Presidential debate:

Colbert has a few words about the Combover Cheeto’s tweet that appears to have effectively ended the COVID-19 relief negotiations that were just barely getting going again. Ah, we peons don’t need to exchange goods and services, nor do we need any proper protections of election results, our health, etc.

As I am putting this together, I am learning that Johnny Nash passed away. So in his memory, here is his signature song:

The sentiment of this song is one that seems like a fitting note to end on.

You know the drill. The bar is open. Drinks are on the house until the jukebox is fixed. In the meantime, stay healthy and safe.

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