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Welcome to Progress Pond Total Landscaping. While we make America rake again, we’ll throw in some entertainment as well.

I haven’t really had any segments from comedians in a bit, so now seem like as good a time as any to do that. Remember that John Oliver fellow? He had a few things to say about the comings and goings of election week. Humor mixed in with a few stark reminders of where we are and what we will recon with moving forward in the near future:

Seth Meyers had a few things to say on his A Closer Look segment:

Stephen Colbert has his say as well:

Sarah Cooper talks about her act a bit and how she got blocked by Herr Combover on Twitter:

Alright. The bar is open. The jukebox really does work. Drop on by.

In the meantime, although we have reason to celebrate, the next weeks and months will not be easy. The transition from one administration to another is going to be far from seamless, and we have a pandemic that is raging out of control, and will only get worse for the foreseeable future. Be careful out there.


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