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Good evening or morning wherever you are!

We’ve somehow managed to make it to another Wednesday.

If you’ve followed this series, you may or may not remember that I featured a video by an indie band called Battles. I have a new one from them (they’ve gone down from being a power trio to a duo relying a lot more on synths and drum machines). The band has always defied easy classification. There’s definitely a progressive rock element to their work. Some of it draws on metal. Some on Krautrock. It’s…complicated.

Anyway, they have apparently come up with a video that is truly in the spirit of the times:

I can’t really describe this any better than the band’s description below the video:

In 2020, the outbreak of Covid-19 caused a global lockdown and restricted many activities and events in the world. This music video depicts the ’Great Space Robot Festival’ that unfolds to avenge cancelled festivals and events, in the hope that humanity will be able to overcome the crisis and move towards a better world.

Says it all.

Okay. The bar is open. Jukebox is working its magic. Stay safe and healthy. I’d like us all back together again next Wednesday.


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