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Another midweek, another post. Here’s something recent that Kim Gordon dropped:

In the COVID era, making music videos is a bit of a challenge. One solution? Find a fairly abandoned looking shopping area, and turn the casting into a bit of a family venture – that’s Coco Gordon Moore (Kim Gordon’s daughter) starring, and Kim herself making an appearance in this vid. It’s also a nod to the old No Wave era of the end of the 1970s, as well as to some of the better work that Sonic Youth did back when that band was still viable. Maybe a good thing Kim Gordon and her ex don’t share a stage or recording studio these days. Kim’s still challenging her listeners, even with the occasional nod to her past.

The jukebox is on and the bar is open. Make yourself at home. I’ll set the speakers to eleven if there’s no one talking. Take care and stay safe.


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