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When I was very young, I learned that my dad was a huge Miles Davis fan. I tended to favor electric Miles to his work prior to the late 1960s, but we got to share something in common, and for that I am always grateful. I very briefly dated a young woman – an immigrant from Ethiopia who had thankfully been adopted by US military veterans – who was a huge Miles Davis fan. Her fave LP was Kind of Blue. She required me to do a bit of a rethink. I think we both challenged each other during the brief time we were together. She convinced me to give the Mile Davis of my dad’s youth a second listen, and I got her to check out some punk and some Neil Young. I wish we had lasted longer. Asi es la vida.

Whenever I hear this track, from Kind of Blue, I understand how fresh it is even now, over six decades later. There was a lasting value to the work from Miles Davis.

Maybe some video production values would have changed. Goes with the territory. This track is still evergreen.


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