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Hello everyone! How are you? I hope you are at least hanging in there. I know I am.

I’ve been doing some pre-9/11 posts as a homage to a time that forever ended. I started with Matthew Shipp, and I think I’ll stick with Matthew Shipp for a tribute to some of the experimental music coming in the immediate aftermath. Matthew Shipp had just begun to curate the Thirsty Ear Blue Series, and he’s contributed to its burgeoning collection over the last two decades. Nu Bop was an interesting departure for Matthew Shipp as he began to add some synthesizers to his repertoire, and he began to add turntablists to his lineup. His challenge was to make full use of this expanded pallet while still remaining true to his distinct style as a pianist and bandleader. Whether or not he succeeded was up to the listener, but I remember his efforts during the early aughts receiving critical acclaim.

There’s a more overt nod to hip-hop than Shipp would have included in the past, but it’s definitely a Matthew Shipp joint. William Parker continues his long-standing role as bassist. The two have collaborated on each other’s sessions and have worked together with other artists, including those who are no longer with us (e.g., David S. Ware who passed away last decade).

Stay tuned. I’ll have more for you. This space is here for you. These are crazy times, so a place to chill matters more than ever.


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