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I have probably recycled this video a time or two. I’ve always liked it, since it first dropped in 2011. Wire were among those from the early punk and post-punk days as the 1970s drew to a close doing ground-breaking work. At the time, they were quite young. By the time this video was recorded, the remaining original members were well into middle-age (where I am now). The question then becomes one of relevance. Did they still have something to say. The basic ethos of Wire was that they stopped whenever they ran out of words. Turns out, they could still pen some timely lyrics and they could still experiment with their sound. Wire adapted. As I understand, they continue to adapt.

Okay. The jukebox is there. So is the bar. Use your imagination. Want to talk? I check in once a day. I have done so for the most part for quite a long while. In the meantime, make sure to check out the front page. Martin, Nancy, and Brendan have been on fire as of late. Don’t miss it. Cheers!

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